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Premium Gas vs Regular Gas: What’s Better For The Longevity Of A Car?

With the difference in gas prices, it’s often easiest to just go with whatever is cheaper and hope for the best.

Did you know that some cars actually function better for longer with premium gasoline though?

If you’re sitting at the gas station and looking at all of your options, how do you know what to choose for your vehicle? It might depend on your circumstances. 

If you’re unsure, you’re in the right place.

When you’re deciding between premium gas vs regular gas, what do you choose? 

So What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Have you ever paid attention to the numbers on the buttons on the gas dispenser? “Regular” tends to be 87, “plus” is 91, and “premium” is 93 (these might vary slightly depending on where you are). But what do those numbers mean?

Those numbers are the octane level on the gasoline. 

More expensive fuel tends to be higher octane fuel. Higher octane fuels can potentially increase efficiency, but it’s not quite as simple as that. When you’re deciding between premium gas vs regular gas, there’s really only one main factor to consider.

What Does Your Car Say?

Often, when you buy a car, there’s some indication of the type of fuel that it needs to function properly. The information that you’re looking for is often in the owner’s manual if you have access to it. This can come across in several ways, however, and it might be a little bit confusing. 

Sometimes higher octane fuel is suggested, but the wording is incredibly vague. What does this mean?

If your manual just says that the premium fuel is recommended, that means that it’s capable of using the lower-octane fuel, it just won’t be as functional. You can get up to 10% less horsepower and you might suffer some engine knock. 

If the manual says that premium fuel is required, though, it makes a huge difference. You can’t use the regular fuel at all. Using the wrong type of fuel can cause damage to your vehicle, and can ruin any warranty that you have on it.

Next time you look at a car for sale, check out the type of fuel that you need! Don’t make that mistake. 

What’s the Difference?

The difference really comes down to the engine. Engines that require higher octane fuel are made differently. Since premium fuel can be compressed more, engines that require it will do that compressing.

If you have an engine made to compress like that and you fuel it with a lower octane fuel that doesn’t have the ability to be compressed as heavily, the engine won’t work as efficiently and some harm could come to your vehicle. 

In short, the best gas for a car is the one that is stated in the owner’s manual. Don’t get expensive gas just because you think it’s better, and don’t buy cheap gas just for the cost. Buy the gas that you need to make your car run efficiently. 

So, Premium Gas vs Regular Gas?

Which is the right one for you? Only you have the answer, and it’s probably in your glovebox right now. There’s no winner between premium gas vs regular gas, it all depends on the situation. 

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