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Why Is My Car Air Conditioning Is Blowing Hot Air? Here Are 3 Possible Reasons

Are you tired of feeling overheated every time you take a drive? Do you need to find solutions for your car’s stubborn air conditioning?

If you’re ready to scream, “My car air conditioning is blowing hot air. Help!” then this article’s for you. We’ll give you the top three reasons why your AC might be on the fritz – again.

1. Not Enough Refrigerant

If your car is blowing hot air instead of cold, your refrigerant might be leaking. The refrigerant is a liquid that flows into the evaporator, changing into a gas as it absorbs the heat from your car’s air.

When your car lacks refrigerant, the gas is exposed to hot air for too long. This results in hot air circulating through your AC vents.

Pinpointing the source of the leak is something you should leave to the professionals. They have the equipment to test all of your hoses and connections, seal any leaks, and recharge your refrigerant if necessary.

2. Electrical Issues

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my car AC blowing hot air suddenly?” you could have an electrical problem. Where refrigerant problems slowly get worse over time, electrical issues have a way of showing up unexpectedly.

If you smell something burning while you drive, visually inspect the connections that run from your fuse box to your AC. If other car parts are blocking your view, however, it’s time to make an appointment with your mechanic.

You can tell you have electrical issues if your battery often loses charge, your car is slow to start, or you keep having to replace your fuses.

3. Broken Condenser

Your condenser works like a little radiator, cooling down liquid refrigerant as it removes heat from the air. If the condenser is broken, its tubes could be blocked.

Another possibility is that the entire condenser is broken. Sometimes fixing a condenser can be as easy as replacing the existing o-rings with high-performance fluorocarbon ones.

If your condenser is broken, however, you’re going to have to replace it entirely. Look for a mechanic who can give you a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

My Car Air Conditioning Is Blowing Hot Air After I Had It Fixed

If you’ve checked out the three options above and you’re still saying, “My car air conditioning is blowing hot air!” you could have broken cooling fans.

Cooling fans are a delicate piece of machinery and they’re easy to break. Just ask your mechanic to replace them and check your warranty. You may be covered with this type of routine maintenance.

Another possibility is that you have some blown fuses. The wires may be intact but you may need to replace your fuses. This is a quick fix but it’s always nice to have a mechanic friend you can ask for advice.

Finally, you may have a broken thermostat, an old air filter, or even a low battery.

Now that you know more about fixing your car’s AC, check out the rest of our blogs. We have tons of insider info on topics like car maintenance, buying a motorcycle, and even tuning your own suspension.