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What Is Integrated Engineering, Anyway?

Are you looking for a unique and different career path?

Integrated engineering is a type of engineering that is not often heard or talked about. Several universities are beginning and furthering programs for the study and progression of integrated engineering.

But what is integrated engineering? Find out below.

The Future? Integrated Engineering

What is it?

Integrated engineering is a type of engineering that does as the name says. University curriculum prepares students by teaching them to be proficient in all parts of engineering and liberal arts.

A traditional engineering degree is split into one of four categories for specialization. Those categories are civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical.

The integrated degree requires that students learn from all four of the categories. This creates a more well-rounded worker, that can better adapt to a changing world.


Oil, gas, marine, and utility are just a few of the industries that are looking for integrated engineers.

A degree in integrated engineering opens the possibility of options for graduates. The four-year program will train students to develop and design industrial projects.

Most new utility projects are huge and costly. It is the integrated engineers’ job to make sure that the project is completed on time and correctly. An integrated engineer will have been trained in physical and earth sciences as well as engineering.

This will help in the design and implementation of new, efficient utility projects. Ones that take a changing environment, and scarce resources into account.

A Degree for Tomorrow

Requirements for oil, gas, or other projects will change with time.

The more well-rounded the engineer, the better-prepared companies are to meet the needs of today, and the future, too!

A student who graduates with an integrated engineering degree can choose where they want to work. Some decide to focus on computers, helping to automate systems. Others decide to use their knowledge to further improve automotive design and performance.

The vast majority work for oil, gas, and marine companies.

The knowledge of earth sciences plays a vital role in the design and implementation of any natural resource collection systems. The training of an integrated engineer stresses the design of processes only for the requirement of the job.

Integrated engineers will be counted on to make the systems of tomorrow. These systems will run more efficiently and be less costly financially and to the environment.

Changing the World

Integrated engineering is a degree of tomorrow!

Those trained in the field will have a choice about how to use their knowledge, but their knowledge will help to create new, efficient systems. These systems will take into account a rapidly changing and evolving world, being able to adapt and keep up to any needs that may arise down the road.

A degree in integrated engineering could be your true calling—it could take you anywhere!

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