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How to Find the Best Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Are you looking to get better gas mileage, protect your equipment, and improve the look of your truck? Then you are in the market for a tonneau cover to save money and make your truck look its best.

To learn more about buying the best tonneau cover, check out this simple guide!

What Kind of Tonneau Cover Is Right for My Truck?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a tonneau cover protects your truck bed from the elements. It also allows you to carry loose loads that an open truck bed would make very difficult.

Tonneau covers are designed to be installed over the back of your pickup truck and protect the exposed bed. However, they come in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices, depending on your needs.

For example, soft covers are made out of fabric and leather, while hardcovers are made from plastic and metal. Metal and plastic covers will protect your loads from theft, but they are much more expensive than soft covers.

Tonneau covers can also be retractable or foldable for maximum convenience. Foldable covers usually are made of three sections, which let you access the truck bed without removing the cover. By folding the cover up against the rear of the cab, you only lose a couple of inches of access.

Retractable tonneau covers offer the most flexibility but are also the most expensive. You can open it in sections or entirely, but they need to be expertly fitted and installed.

Another factor to consider is how the tonneau cover will be installed onto your truck. Some models simply clamp on to the bedsides to secure the cover in place, while others require you to drill holes to fasten it.

What Will the Best Tonneau Cover Do for Your Truck?

One of the major advantages that the best tonneau covers provide is keeping the weather at bay. Without a tonneau cover, your cargo will be subject to elements like water, grime, dust, and more. A good tonneau cover will make your entire truck bed weather tight or at least be a significant improvement.

Another thing that tonneau covers help with is security and peace of mind. For some people, an uncovered truck bed is an invitation to steal anything that isn’t nailed down. A tonneau cover helps to protect you and your supplies from crimes of opportunity.

Hard tonneau covers are lockable and hard to cut through, but even a cloth or leather cover helps prevent theft. If thieves can’t see what’s in your truck bed, it’s less likely to be stolen.

You may not realize this, but having an uncovered truck bed is costing you money. Open truck beds increase the drag on your vehicle, which leads to less fuel economy. However, truck bed covers help reduce the level of drag.

By putting a tonneau cover on your truck, you could see as much as a five to ten percent increase in mileage. What you end up saving on fuel will make up the cost of your tonneau cover in no time.

Make Sure You Get the Best Tonneau Cover for Your Needs

Buying the best tonneau cover will ultimately save you money and protect your goods in transit. You can also help avoid theft and improve the look of your truck.

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