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Need More Bass in Your Life? Your Guide to Car Audio Upgrade

Sometimes you need that boom. Are you getting less boom and more blah? Could be a sad sound system to blame.

Looking for a car audio upgrade but not sure what to do? Here’s how to get yourself the best sound for your ride.

Pump the Bass with This Guide to Car Audio Upgrade

When it comes to car sound systems there are three main components. Your stereo system itself. Your car’s speakers. And, last but not least, subwoofers that handle the bass.

The factory installs in most cars are basic. They will give you decent sound but to take it to the next level you’ll need to do an upgrade. Let’s take it step-by-step and get you the sound that causes jealousy in the eyes of your friends.

Brand New Subwoofers

Subwoofers are essential to busting out the best your car audio has to offer. They make the bass go boom.

Talk to the rep at the audio store and they can tell you which is the best bang for your buck. You’ll want one that can fit in your car and will send the bass through the whole interior. So, a huge Ford Expedition will need a bigger subwoofer than a Hyundai Elantra.

Make sure you position it the right way. If not, you could end up with pops, snaps, or even a blown sub.

Replacement Speakers

Speakers for cars are smaller and more advanced than ever. You’re able to customize the exact sound you want at all times.

Be ready though. A brand new car speaker system is going to cost you a pretty penny. Go to someone reputable who knows car audio. They can recommend a speaker set that will fit in your ride and get the sound you want.

New Stereo System

Last, but nowhere near least, is the new car stereo. Now that you have all the new components installed you need the best to run it.

Make sure you get a system that has sound tweaks available. You need to be able to dial in the system to your individual vehicle. Adjust the treble to balance the new bass beats the sub will get you. It’s awful when all you can hear is the bass rumbling and miss the rest of the track.

Raising the Level of Your Audio Helps You Love Your Car Longer

Customizing your sound system can make any car look and feel better. Listening to the best while rolling down the road makes the ride better. Overnight, the road is smoother and the traffic doesn’t bother you so much.

A quality car audio upgrade can do wonders for your cars worth and your own self-esteem. When your ride is nice you feel fantastic. After your upgrade, you’ll be offering to give everyone a ride.

What are your favorite speakers? Have a stereo system you think is the best? What about subwoofers, can there be too much bass? We want to hear from you. Leave us your feedback in the comments below.