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Automobile Maintenance

5 Reasons You Should Always Get Regular Car Servicing

If regular car servicing isn’t at the top of your priority list, consider this:

Accidents that result from poorly maintained vehicles cost upward of $2 billion per year, and that’s just the beginning.

The true cost of not maintaining your vehicle can be more expensive than you realize. Without proper service, you could face astronomical repair bills and decreased performance, and even put your life at risk.

If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while, don’t wait! Consider these five incentives to keeping your car in the best health possible.

1. Service Increases Safety

When your car isn’t properly maintained, you could experience sudden issues that could have been avoided. For example, you might not know that your tires are in bad condition or your fan belt is at risk of breaking.

Your vehicle can only handle wear and tear for awhile until it becomes a greater problem. If you experience issues while driving, you could be putting your life and the lives of other drivers at risk.

2. It Prolongs the Life of Your Vehicle

Vehicles that are properly maintained last longer. It’s easier and less expensive to fix small issues as they arise instead of letting them turn into larger problems.

When repair bills get too expensive, you’re forced to decide whether or not you want to pay them or just get a different car.

A little maintenance can go a long way in preserving the life of your vehicle, and it’s actually cheaper in the long run.

3. You Can Maintain the Value of the Vehicle

Your car is one of the most expensive items you’ll ever purchase, and you need to protect its value.

When it comes time to trade in your car for a different one, maintenance records can help you justify your asking price.

Most buyers won’t consider a car that hasn’t been properly maintained. They don’t want surprise repair bills or safety risks. They want to feel that the car they purchase will last.

Also, if the car were to be in an accident, insurance companies may not pay out as much if the vehicle hasn’t been properly maintained.

4. It Reduces Maintenance Costs

Skipping an oil change or tire rotation might save you money in the short-term, but it can create expensive long-term issues.

Ideally, you can prevent issues from occurring through carefully planned servicing.

5. Your Warranty May Require Routine Car Servicing

Car warranties aren’t one-sided guarantees. If you want to preserve your warranty benefits, you’ll need to do your part in keeping your car in good working condition.

Otherwise, you risk invalidating warranty terms and may have to pay out of pocket to fix issues that otherwise would have been covered.

Keep Your Car Healthy!

Are you overdue for car servicing? If so, you should take your car for servicing sooner than later.

It’s in your best financial interest to pay for servicing now instead of risking expensive repairs later, or worse, putting your life at risk. Prioritizing your car’s health can do wonders for your own.

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