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Clear out That Storage: 4 Reasons You Should Always Park Your Car in the Garage

As of 2017, the average monthly car payment was a whopping $479. That is a lot of hard-earned money being spent on your ride. 

If you’re spending that much money every month on your car, plus insurance costs, you should be doing all you can to protect it. One of the simplest ways to keep your car from getting damaged is by parking it in a garage.

If you’re currently using your garage for storage, it’s time to clean out the clutter and make room for your vehicle.

Not quite convinced? Keep reading for five benefits of parking your car in a garage instead on in the driveway or on the street.

1. Protects Your Car from Harsh Weather Conditions

Cars undergo a ton of wear-and-tear throughout the years from weather conditions. You can’t always avoid driving in rain, snow, or hail. But you can keep your car from these conditions while you’re parked at home.

If you leave your car parked outside, there can be serious damage caused over time, especially if there’s a hail or snow storm. The paint can be chipped, there can be damage to the windshield, and debris can dent your car if it’s especially windy.

By parking your car in the garage, you can avoid these weather conditions and protect your car.

2. Prevents Sun Damage

If you want to keep your skin looking young, you need to wear sunscreen because the sun ages your skin. The same can be said for cars.

If you leave your car out in the sun all day, your car will age much more quickly than a car parked in the shade, protected from the sun. Your dashboard may start to peel and the paint will start to look discolored.

Don’t give your car an accelerated lifespan. Keep your ride looking young for years by parking it in the garage.

3. Prevents Theft and Vandalism

If your car is parked in your garage, it’s as safe from vandals and thieves as the rest of the items in your home. People won’t break into your closed garage to get into your car. But they will break into a car parked in the street.

It’s easy for criminals to break or pry open a window to steal things out of your car, or even steal your car. Don’t let that happen by keeping your vehicle safe in your garage

4. Keeps Your Car Cooler

In the warmer months, the interior of your car can range in temperature from 100 degrees all the way to over 170 degrees if it’s parked in the sun.

Stepping into a 170-degree car is not a good feeling, especially when you’re already steaming hot from being outside. Also, your car will need to work a lot harder to cool down a burning hot interior, putting wear and tear on your cooling system.

This can all be prevented by parking your car in shade or in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, consider using a garage building company. As CarportUS says, “creating the perfect carport or garage has never been easier”. 

Protect Your Car by Parking in a Garage 

If you want your car to last you a long time, don’t let it get damaged by parking it uncovered outside. Clear out your clutter and give your car a garage it deserves.

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