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Enclosed or Open: 8 Reasons You Should Buy an Enclosed Trailer

The revenue for truck, utility trailer, and RV rental and leasing in the United States was over 16 million in 2018.

Renting utility trailers is a waste of money for most people. They come in handy so often it’s better to own one than rent one several times a year.

If you are considering buying utility trailers, read on. We’ll discuss 8 reasons why an enclosed trailer is a better choice over an open trailer. 

1. Enclosed Trailers Offer More Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of enclosed utility trailers is that anything you have inside is protected from curious eyes. 

You won’t need to be so worried about security when your goods are safely concealed in an enclosed trailer. Learn more about enclosed trailers. 

If you use your trailer for work, you can leave it at the job site with confidence. Just lock it up with a hitch lock and side door and you can be sure your equipment will be waiting for you when you get back.

This is something that isn’t possible with an open utility trailer. 

Your risk of theft goes down when your items aren’t on display. And they are impossible to access with the right locks. 

2. Secure Transportation

Another perk to choosing an enclosed trailer is that your gear can be safely and securely transported.

When you move expensive equipment or goods, you want it to make it to your destination safely. The structure of an enclosed trailer means that your tools won’t get lost during the drive. 

An open trailer adds the risk of items falling off during transport. But with an enclosed trailer, your items will get where you are going.

You don’t have to worry about tying your items down for transporting. You can just load them and go. Even if your items shift during the drive, they can’t fall out. 

Make sure you know how to safely tow a trailer before you begin transporting. 

3. Protection from Weather Conditions

Open trailers allow rain, high winds, hail, snow, and harsh sunlight to get to your goods and equipment. These weather conditions can damage your items.

Choosing an enclosed car trailer protects your items from harsh weather. 

If you have an open trailer, you might have to change your plans if it is raining or snowing. But with an enclosed trailer, you can stick to your schedule regardless of what mother nature does.

If you are working outside when severe weather hits, your enclosed trailer can provide protection for you and your workers. An open trailer can’t help at all when it starts to pour. 

4. Enclosed Trailers Give You More Storage 

What do enclosed trailers have that open trailers don’t? Walls and a roof.

You can use these to your advantage and create an organized and functional storage space. 

You can build custom shelves to fit along the walls of your trailer. Or you can install tracks to hang hooks and cabinets. 

Instead of having items in boxes, you can store your items in cabinets or on hooks. An enclosed trailer can be used as a mobile workshop. It can be just as tidy and functional as one that isn’t on wheels. 

Open utility trailers simply don’t allow for these types of storage options.

Many enclosed utility trailers have barn-style doors. If yours has these doors, you can use them for additional storage.

A few hooks on the doors and you can have the items you need often right at hand. Hang your lunch cooler, extension cords, measuring tape and levels right where you can grab them easily.

5. Excellent for Storage off the Road

Enclosed trailers can double as storage units when you don’t need them to transport items.

Owning your own trailer is preferable to renting storage space off-site. For one thing, it’s more convenient to get items from an on-site trailer. Secondly, storage centers add an extra monthly expense you don’t need.

Instead, your trailer can be your mobile storage unit. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a dime to keep your things inside.

They will be safe from weather and theft and out of the way in your garage, business or home. It’s a win-win. 

6. Enclosed Trailers Offer Advertising Opportunities

You can order an enclosed trailer in any color you want. The side of the trailer gives you an excellent (and free) advertising opportunity.

You can put your company logo, phone number, and website on the sides of your trailer. Then, no matter where your trailer is parked, people are seeing your advertising.

Renting a mobile sign or billboard can cost you big bucks. There’s the printing cost as well as the fee for design, permits, and installation.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise. 

But, you should also take advantage of a free opportunity to advertise by using your enclosed trailer as a moving billboard.

7. Save on Rental Moving Trucks

When you own an enclosed trailer, you have a decent sized moving truck at your disposal.

Whether you need to move from one house to another or need to pick up a barbecue, your enclosed trailer can help you out.

You may not need to rent a moving truck thanks to your trailer. Or if you do rent one, you can do fewer trips by loading up your utility trailer also.

8. Easier to Park

Open utility trailers often have a standard ramp door. This can make parking in tight lots difficult. 

Enclosed trailers often have roof or side doors that you can use to access your items inside. And the barn doors take up less space to swing open compared to a ramp door.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this list of 8 reasons why enclosed trailers are the smartest investment. They can do everything an open trailer can do plus much more. 

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