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DIY Window Tinting: How to Install Window Tint on Your Own Car

Tinting your windows isn’t to make your car isn’t about aesthetics unless that’s what you want. In any case, tinting windows does keep your car cooler during the summer heat.

What won’t help you look cool driving down the road is not knowing how to install window tint. Don’t embarrass yourself with a bad installation; follow these tips for smooth tinting.

How to Install Window Tint

Whether it’s your home or your car, tinting windows doesn’t have to be complicated. Using these step by step instructions, you’ll have protection from the sun’s heat.

1. Find the Best Window Tint

Before you can apply the film, you have to find the one that works best for you. Window tint isn’t one size fits all when it comes to material. The different types are:

  • Dyed window tint
  • Metalized window tint
  • Carbon window tint
  • Ceramic film

Some of these options are more affordable or more durable than others. Also, think about resale value. If you’re planning to sell anytime down the road, you’ll want the film to last until then.

2. Squeaky Clean Windows

One problem you’ll come up against if there’s dirt on the windows is lack of adherence. You don’t want your tint to start peeling off, right?

That’s why you need to make certain your windows are the cleanest they’ll ever be. One way to make sure they’re clean is to have your car detailed. Companies like Kustom Window Tinting will clean your car so well, you won’t find a speck of dust.

3. Measuring the Tint

Measuring is one of the most essential steps when you tint car windows. If you don’t measure right, you’ll waste your time and materials.

So, before you cut, make sure you double check your measurement. In fact, there’s no harm in measuring as many times as you need to feel confident. Then, when you do cut, be sure to leave a couple of inches at the end.

Why should you leave room? Leaving room allows you plenty of extra material in case you get it wrong. Don’t worry; you can cut it off as you go. Check every window before installation to make sure you’ve cut the right amount for each one.

4. Installing the Tint

If you thought measuring the tinting took patience, wait until you start installing.

First, put the application spray on the window you’re about to tint. Then, taking your time, start applying the tint inch by inch, starting at the bottom. You want to ease it on from the edges to avoid any bubbles.

Once you’ve applied the tint, grab some warm water in a bottle and spray the window. It’ll make it easier for you to smooth out inconsistencies with your tools. Once it’s smoothed out, cut off any extra’s along the edges.

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