how to unlock a chevy truck without keys
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How To Unlock a Chevy Truck Without Keys

Locking your keys inside your truck is a rookie mistake! It happens to everyone at least once.

However, you don’t have time to wait for a locksmith to come and get your truck open. You could break a window, but then you’d have to buy a new one and that sounds a little expensive.

We created this article on how to unlock a Chevy truck without keys to make those situations less stressful. Keep in mind, the age of your truck will determine how easy this feat will be. Newer vehicles with automatic locks are typically quite a bit harder.

Keep reading for the best tips to “break into” your car.

Let’s get started!

The Shoelace Trick

This is a handy trick that causes zero damage to your door and isn’t too difficult to perform. The downside is that you have to have door locks that stick up in order for this trick to work. If your truck has this type of lock, you’re in luck! Give this trick a try.

Grab a shoelace, or any other piece of string you have handy, and tie a slipknot in the center, leaving a loop. This is a type of knot that you can tighten by simply pulling on the ends of the string.

Work the string into the cracks around your car door. It’ll probably be a tight fit but you should be able to get the string in there. Most seals give enough to allow for enough space.

Drop the loop over the lock and pull the ends to tighten it. Once it has a firm grip pull up and the door should unlock. Easy peasy! I bet you didn’t know you could unlock a car door with a string!

The Antenna Technique

This is a handy trick because you’ll always have your antenna available. But, you have to have a certain type of door handle for this trick to work. If your truck is newer, it probably won’t work. You have to be able to reach the lock mechanism through the door handle and newer trucks aren’t that easy.

However, if your truck is older and you think this trick might work, give it a shot. Remove your antenna and insert one end into the door through the handle.

You can tell when you’ve found the lock mechanism when you see the visible part start jiggling around. Once it feels like you’re making a solid connection, push the antenna forward and the door should unlock.

The Coat Hanger Technique

The good old coat hanger technique is perhaps one of the most well-known ways to break into your car. Instead of having to buy a specially made Slim Jim, you can use a coat hanger. This technique often works on trucks with manual locks.

Straighten out the coat hanger but make a crook at one end, like a shepherd’s staff. You’re going to slide the coat hanger down into the door on the outside of your window. The point is to find the control arm, grab it with the hook, and pull it up to unlock the door.

To make finding the arm easier, you should look up a diagram online of your car’s make and model. It might take a few tries to find the arm, but once you’ve got it, you’re in!

The Wedge Method

For this method, you will need a few tools. If you think you’ll be locking your keys in the car a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in a wedge set.

The method works by sliding a thin wedge into the door to pry it open a bit. Once you get a big enough crack you can insert an air wedge and pump it full of air to widen the crack even more.

Now you can slide a rod down through the crack and use it to unlock the door.

The Windshield Wiper Trick

What if you don’t have a random rod or coat hanger conveniently hanging around when you’re trying to get into your truck? We’ve mentioned the antenna, but that only works in short spaces. The antenna will just telescope down if you try to push on your door locks after having slipped it in the door crack.

The answer to your predicament is to grab a windshield wiper instead. It’s pretty easy to remove the windshield wipers from most vehicles without special tools and you can always count on it to be on hand!

Automotive Lock Picks

Some folks may not like the sound of wedging your door open. And with good reason. You can easily damage the door, especially if you end up doing it a few times.

In that case, you might prefer to pick up a set of automatic locks. Make sure you get a set that is compatible with your make and model of car. The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t cause damage to the door. You’ll also need a special automotive torsion wrench for this method.

Alternatively, rather than buying a lock pick set and figuring out how to use it, you can call a professional locksmith. This is what professionals typically use anyway to get into your car.

Now You Know How To Unlock a Chevy Truck Without Keys!

Bet you didn’t know there were so many ways to unlock your truck without keys. The good thing is that you can get into your vehicle without spending a bundle. The bad thing is that so can someone else. You might think twice about parking it on the questionable sidestreet now.

Instead of learning how to unlock a Chevy truck without keys, you can get a magnetic box and put a hide-a-key somewhere on the outside of your vehicle. Just be sure to wedge it in a spot where it won’t be easily found or fall off when driving.

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