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What to Expect When You Attempt a Porsche Rebuild

Wondering if a Porsche rebuild is possible for you?

The Porsche is one of the most popular classic cars to rebuild. If you love working with cars, a rebuild can be a truly rewarding experience that will leave you driving the car you’ve always dreamed of.

Of course, rebuilding a classic car comes with some challenges, but it’s easier if you know what to expect. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know before you tackle a rebuild job. Keep reading to learn how to make this project a success!

Why Attempt a Porsche Rebuild?

If your dream car is a classic Porsche, you can’t just stroll into any dealership and buy one. You might find the used car of your dreams from a private seller, or even a dealership. But even if you get so lucky, the car might have problems depending on how well it was cared for over the years.

The engine could be in bad shape, and there might be electrical or transmission problems. Even the appearance of the car might be shabby – the paint could be worn or the leather seats might be cracked.

However, a car rebuild and restoration can make your classic car feel brand-new again. If you have money, time, and a little bit of mechanical know-how on your side, you can definitely pull off a Porsche rebuild.

No car lasts forever, but a rebuild can give an old car new life. The car won’t just look like new, but it’ll run like new too. And if you decide to sell the car, it’ll be worth much more.

Although rebuilds aren’t easy, the results can be worth it. And if you’re passionate about cars, you’ll love the challenging learning process of a Porsche rebuild.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s actually easier to rebuild a car than it used to be. You can find parts for classic cars online, and read how-to guides that’ll answer your most specific questions. Now, let’s get into the basics of what to expect during the rebuild.

1. Choose Your Car

Of course, you’ll need an older car on hand to do a Porsche rebuild. But there are a few specifics to consider when choosing the right car to work with.

Check out the car you have in mind. Does it run, and is it safe to drive as it is? Take an inventory of what’s working and what’s not. Look for issues like leaks or rust that could point to insurmountable damage.

Consider how bad the tires are – you might need to replace them, which can get expensive.

When you rebuild, you’re both restoring the car’s exterior and replacing many interior parts. Almost every part will eventually get replaced with one that works better. You might also want to aim for historical accuracy, which means rebuilding the car to look as much like it originally did as possible.

Prepare yourself for the process of tracking down (and paying for) all the necessary parts. You’ll also need a number of tools to get the job done – stock up on everything you need before you start.

2. Restore the Interior

If the car has been garaged and taken care of over the years, this task will be easy. But if it’s been neglected, restoring the interior will be a challenging part of the Porsche rebuild.

Go over the car and make a list of what you’ll need to restore. Does the car need brand-new seats, or will new upholstery do the trick? Does everything on the dash still work, or will some gauges and switches need replacing?

Some people might opt to switch out the sound system for a more modern one, while others will work to restore the existing vintage one.

To completely restore the interior, you’ll probably need to vacuum the car completely, take out the panels from the inside doors and floors, and clean everything thoroughly with solvent.

You’ll also take out the original seats and replace every part as needed. Small parts, like the sun visors or glove compartment, should also be cleaned up and restored. You can save money by finding replacement parts from a scrap yard, rather than ordering new ones.

3. Restore the Exterior

You’ll also want the outside of your car looking good as new.

For this step, you might need to do anything from adding a fresh coat of paint, to stripping the car totally down to its metal frame. You might need to take off all the body panels to remove the old paint, for example.

Fixing rust is one of the most expensive tasks when restoring the exterior, which is why you should avoid rebuilding a rusty car if at all possible. Any old car will have some rust, but the less, the better.

You can choose to paint the car so it looks like it originally did, or to switch up the color to something you prefer. You might also need to replace exterior parts, like the lights, mirrors, gas cap, bumpers, and more.

4. Rebuild the Engine

This is where the real challenge comes in.

In this step of the Porsche rebuild, you’ll need to take the engine totally apart. Remove cylinders, fuel pumps, carburetors – you name it. Just like you did with the rest of the car, you need to take a look at each part and decide whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to find parts for many older Porsche models. Some people might try to rebuild the original engine to keep it authentic. However, if you’re not taking the car to car shows, no one but you will see the engine. You might want to use newer parts instead, since a new motor will last longer.

You can even upgrade the engine, making this the perfect opportunity to custom-design your dream car.

Ready to Try a Porsche Rebuild?

Rebuilding a car may not be fast or easy, but any car fanatic will love the process anyway. And the best part is that you get to drive the finished product!

After the rebuild, you’ll want to store your car properly to keep it looking and running like new. Check out our tips for car storage here.