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DeVille Concours

The 1994 DeVille (bodyside molding now identified the car as "DeVILLE" instead of the previously used "deVille" quarter panel script) was a completely redesigned automobile, and offered only in sedan form with the discontinuation of the Coupe DeVille.


The all-new DeVille

A completely redesigned six-passenger automobile with a refined 4.9 litre V8. Enjoy added confidence and control with new four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, plus Speed-Sensitive Suspension and Speed-Sensitive Steering. DeVille takes full-size luxury to a higher standard.

Refined for 1994, DeVille's 200-hp 4.9 litre V8 is cradled on new engine mounts to improve idle smoothness, and further quieted by a new exhaust balance passage. And its new, large 76-litre (16.7-gallon) fuel tank and increased highway efficiency is expected to extend highway range.

The 1994 DeVille creates a higher standard by enhancing the qualities that have made it North America's most preferred luxury automobile. DeVille's refinements will culminate this year by bringing you a higher level of performance with a smoother; quieter 4.9 litre V8. A higher level of comfort with new Suspension Seating to make long-distance touring easier. And, Cadillac redefines the state of the art with the Airbank System to provide supplemental protection for three front seat passengers. These refinements were developed to inspire a feeling of confidence for you and your passengers, thereby creating a higher standard of satisfaction.

This year DeVille takes its already high standard of full-size six-passenger luxury to an even higher level. A more refined powerplant and improved aerodynamics, structure and suspension make it quieter too. Further, it's the safest DeVille ever, with side-guard door beams that exceed 1997 model U.S. Federal side-impact standards, and the Airbank System -- dual front air bags -- that provides supplemental protection for all three front seat passengers.

DeVille's latest advancements in ergonomics surround you and your family with luxurious quietude, while the safety of dual front seat air bags is enhanced by standard anti-lock brakes, Speed-Sensitive Suspension and available full-range Traction Control. These performance and active safety technologies work together with DeVille's energy-absorbing crush zones and strong steel safety cage to maintain Cadillac's high standard of safety. While the performance of the smooth 4.9 litre V8 is comforting, DeVille's comfort is exhilarating. One reason is its new Suspension Seating -- acting as an extra shock absorber for your back. It should help leave you less fatigued and more refreshed ... kilometre after kilometre.

Other refinements include higher front and rear seats for a more expansive view of the road ahead. Improved rear-seat angle and height with extra bolstering provide greater comfort there, too. Five-position front shoulder belt adjusters offer greater comfort for driver and passenger, short or tall.


is creating a higher standard. A higher standard of automotive excellence. One that elevates your concept of a luxury automobile. A standard that promises energetic performance and sophisticated safety in harmony with even greater Cadillac comfort and unparalleled owner care.

The brand-new DeVille Concours

An all-new class of six-passenger luxury automobile. One with an advanced 270-hp Northstar System, with perforated leather seating areas, Zebrano wood trim and many other amenities, all standard. One that creates a higher standard.

Cadillac creates a higher standard of contemporary performance. Exemplified by robust V8s with dual-platinum-tipped spark plugs that aren't scheduled for replacement until 160,000 kilometres (100,000 miles). Every front-drive Cadillac offers a suspension that adapts to changing road conditions to enhance your feeling of control.

In DeVille Concours with the Northstar System, adaptive suspension reaches its apex -- with real-time Road-Sensing Suspension that reads every inch of the road at 96 km/h (60 mph), constantly adapting for your comfort and enhancing your driving control. DeVille Concours Northstar System V8 is a 32-valve 270-hp version.

The 1994 DeVille Concours eloquently speaks the language of the road. Its sophisticated application of power; dramatically illustrated by the attributes of the Northstar System, integrates the 32-valve, 270-hp powertrain and an electronically controlled transmission to create a higher standard of performance for the full-size luxury automobile. And managing the ride -- real-time Road-Sensing Suspension with its adaptive electronic control so sensitive that it actually reads every inch of the road at 96 km/h (60 mph). Speed-Sensitive Steering and Goodyear Eagle GA tires complete this integrated chassis for touring in the grand manner.

The DeVille Concours. So spacious, it accommodates six passengers in complete comfort. And so responsive, its advanced Northstar System V8 makes passing and merging virtually effortless. It is a combination of qualities you've never seen before.

DeVille Concours embodies Cadillac's highest standard of full-size luxury. Ergonomically sculpted dash, rightly grained real Zebrano wood, perforated leather seating areas. The refreshing comfort of Suspension Seating acts as a second shock absorber for your back in concert with four-way power lumbar control and memory driver seat -- benefits that should help you stay alert kilometre after kilometre.

Because passenger safety is important, DeVille Concours uses an Airbank System: dual front seat air bags that provide supplemental protection for all three front seat passengers.


Cadillac's commitment to defensive safety creates a higher standard. Every 1994 Cadillac employs both driver and front passenger air bags. Every 1994 Cadillac exceeds 1997 model U.S. Federal dynamic side-impact standards. Every Cadillac helps protect with steel safety cage, energy-absorbing crush zones, child security features and passenger safety belts that secure child safety seats.

Cadillac again redefines the state of the art with an Airbank System: air bags that provide supplemental protection for all three front seat passengers in the new DeVille and DeVille Concours. Fleetwood's front air bags offer additional front protection for up to three front seat occupants as well. Stringent air bag testing for all Cadillacs goes well beyond federal test requirements by subjecting air bag designs to nearly 100 different crash and driving conditions.

Cadillac, a pioneer in active safety systems, advances the state of the art. Robust V8 power gives you deep reserves of power to pass and merge. Suspensions that think contribute to your maintaining control. Every front-drive Cadillac aids your driving confidence with suspensions that, in many models, reacts to actual road conditions, or to driving speed.

If you have to stop suddenly, Cadillac's anti-lock braking (ABS) automatically allows you to steer and enhances driver control.

The inclemencies that hamper braking also hamper traction. Full-range Traction Control uses anti-lock braking technology to help prevent wheel spin. It is available on DeVille and standard on all other 1994 Cadillacs.

At night, the Panoramic Illumination DeVille headlamp system uses over 700 calibrated lens facets to focus light precisely where it's needed most, going well beyond government regulation to create a level of safety that is very easy to see.


The 1994 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The digits of the code were as follows


Series Body/Style Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Prod. Total
KD5 D69 4-dr. Sedan $32,990 3758 lb 120,352
KF5 F69 4-dr. Concours Sedan $36,590 3985 lb


Feature DeVille Concours DeVille
Type 90-degree, dual overhead cam Northstar V-8 90-degree, overhead valve V-8
Block Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners
Heads aluminum cylinder heads cast iron cylinder heads
Displacement 279 cu . in. (4.6 liters) 300 cu . in. (4.9 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.66 x 3.31 in. 3.62 x 3.62 in.
Compression ratio 10.3:1 9.5:1
Brake horsepower 270 @ 5600 rpm 200 @ 4100 rpm
Torque 300 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm 275 lb.-ft. @ 3000 rpm
Lifters Direct acting hydraulic tappets Roller hydraulic valve lifters
Fuel Injection Tuned port fuel injection Sequential port fuel injection
Recommended fuel Premium unleaded


Feature DeVille Concours
Wheelbase 113.7 in. (2891 mm) 113.7 in. (2891 mm)
Overall Length 209.7 in. (5326 mm) 209.7 in. (5326 mm)
Height 56.3 in (1430 mm) 56.0 in. (1422 mm)
Width 75.5 in.(1946 mm) 75.5 in.(1946 mm)
Front Tread 60.9 in. (1546 mm) 60.9 in. (1546 mm)
Rear Tread 60.9 in. (1546 mm) 60.9 in. (1546 mm)
Drag coefficient 0.35 0.35
Curb Weight 1709 kg (3767 lb) 1814 kg (3998 lb)
Brakes Bosch ABSIIU four-channel anti-lock; power four-wheel disc
Traction control ASRIIU full-range, brake/sequential cylinder cutout ASRIIU full-range engine port management
Wheels 15" x 6" cast aluminum 16" x 7" cast aluminum
Standard Tires Michelin P215/70R15 Goodyear Eagle GA
Luggage capacity 566 liters (20.0 cu. ft.) 566 liters (20.0 cu. ft.)
Suspension speed-Sensitive, electronically adapts to changing vehicle speeds. Fully independent with coil sprints; new short/long arm rear on isolated subframe, rear electronic level control Real-time Road-Sensing; electronically adapts to road surfaces. Fully independent with coil springs; Short/Long Arm rear, rear on isolated subframe, rear electronic level control
Steering Electronically controlled Speed-sensitive, power assisted rack-and-pinion; 15.6:1 ratio


Feature DeVille Concours
Transmission 4T60-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic with overdrive (includes viscous converter clutch) 4T80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic (includes viscous converter clutch)
Clutch Cadillac exclusive viscous converter clutch
Final drive ratio 2.73 : 1 3.11 : 1
Steering Power-assisted rack-and-pinion, speed sensitive
Front Suspension Independent MacPherson strut with coil springs. strut-type shock absorbers and stabilizer bar and stabilizer bar Independent MacPherson strut with coil springs, strut-type shock absorbers and stabilizer bar and electronic variable rate dampers and stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Fully independent, short/long arm w/automatic level control and speed sensitive suspension Fully independent coil springs, short/long arm w/automatic level control and electronic variable dampers w/road sensing suspension
Brakes Power assisted front and rear disc w/Bosch II anti-lock braking system.
Body Construction integral body frame
Fuel tank capacity 76 liters (20.0 US gal) (16.7 Imp. gal)


NW9 Traction Control $175
Opt. Pkg. 1SB (Sedan DeVille) $428
Astroroof $1,550
Alarm System (Sedan DeVille) $295
White Diamond Paint $500
ETR AM/FM Stereo Radio w/Cassette (standard on DeVille Concours) $274
ETR AM/FM Stereo Radio w/Cassette & CD (Sedan DeV) $670
ETR AM/FM Stereo Radio w/Cassette & CD(Dev Concours) $396
Heated Windshield (Sedan DeV) $309
Heated Front Seats (Sedan DeV) $310
Heated Front Seats (DeV Concours) $120
Leather Seats (stnd DeV Concours) $785
Bodyside Stripe $75
Chrome Wheels $1,195


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