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1913 Cadillac

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1914 Cadillac Touring

Same as 1913 except:



Drive line:



There were no serial numbers for the 1914 Cadillac.

Engine numbers were stamped on top surface of crankcase--in front of and to the left of number one (front) cylinder.

Engine No.: 91005-99999: A-1 - A-5008.


Model Number Body Series Passengers Price
NA 4-dr. Touring 7 $2075
NA 4-dr. Touring 5 $1975
NA 4-dr. Phaeton 4 $1975
NA 2-dr. Roadster 2 $1975
NA 2-dr. Landaulet Coupe 3 $2500
NA 4-dr. Standard Limousine 7 $3250
NA 2-dr. Inside Drive Limousine 5 $2800


Description Vertical, in-line, L-head. Four cylinder. Individual cast iron cylinders, copper water jacket
Bore & Stroke 114.3mm x 146.1mm
Displacement 5.997 Liters
Brake Horsepower 40-50 N.A.C.C. H.P.: 32.4
Main bearings Five
Valve lifters Mechanical -- push rod -- roller cam followers
Carburetor Float feed; made by Cadillac to C. F. Johnson patents


1914 Cadillac

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1914 Cadillac Touring

Standard Wheelbase 3048mm
Special Chassis Wheelbase 3404mm
Front/Rear Tread 1422mm; optional: 1549mm
Tires 36 x 4-1/2


Transmission Selective, sliding gear transmission
Speeds 3 Forward and one Reverse
Steering position Right hand drive, controls to right
Clutch Leather faced cone clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Axle Full floating rear axle
Differential two-speed bevel drive, bevel gear differential
Overall ratio 3.67:1 or 2.5:1
Brakes Mech. brakes on two wheels -- service / foot / contracting -- emerg./lever/expanding
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, 10 & 12 spoke, demountable rims
Wheel size 27 in.
Optional Final drive ratios 4.07 or 2.50:1


Seat covers $32.50 - 65.00
Handy lamp $2.00


1914 Cadillac Notes

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