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4 Facts to Consider Before Purchasing an eCar

The future of the automobile industry is upon us.

As consumers grow weary of high gas prices and become more environmentally conscious, they are moving away from the traditional internal combustion engine.

In the near future, historians will look at 2017 as the rise of the ecar.

Car companies are already beginning to plan for this change. Ford recently fired CEO Mark Fields, in part because he was moving too slowly to fully incorporate electric cars into their lineup.

As the demand for electric cars rises, more people are now looking at the options available to them. If you are one of these people, here are 4 facts to consider before purchasing one.

1) By 2020, Ecars Will Cost the Same as Traditional Style Vehicles

The price of buying an electric vehicle will continue to go down over the next few years.

This, combined with savings in maintenance and gasoline will make owning an EV far more economical than buying a gasoline powered car.

Buying an EV today will save you money over the life of the car. At some point in the near future, it will be seen as a financial liability to own anything other than an ecar.

2) Technology is Planning for This Future

If you live in a large or medium-sized city, there is a chance you have already seen electric car charging stations. These are expected to only grow in number.

You might not have to use those chargers for very long, however.

In Britain, they are already testing the technology to have your electric car charge as you drive on the highway. You’ll also drive on lanes designed specifically for electric cars.

If these cars become as popular as current statistical models say they will, it won’t be long before American politicians begin to further tax credits for new buyers. They’ll also set up similar lanes on US highways.

3) Electric Cars Help Fight Climate Change

Not having to rely on fossil fuels and emitting fewer emissions makes ecars much more environmentally friendly than traditional ICE engines.

They also will force electric companies to look towards more renewable sources to power their grids as they gain popularity. Another benefit to these vehicles is that they will lower American dependence on foreign sources of power.

4)  Insurance Rates Are Much Higher on Ecars

For right now, if you make the switch to an ecar, you’ll pay more for car insurance than you would with a traditional car.

This is due to the higher costs of the cars and repair services. However, as these types of vehicles become more popular and cheaper to purchase, the insurance pricing should level out.

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