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Know Your Options: A Guide to Buying a New Tesla

Sustainable energy is a hot topic all over the world. With climate change a major concern, folks are looking to do their part as individuals.

As far as automobiles, several products have hit the market over the years. Hybrids, clean diesel, and completely electric cars are all starting to gain traction (pun intended).

So for those people who are tired of hitting up the gas station, a new Tesla might be in their future.

Read on to learn more.

New Tesla Old Tesla

The company is named after Nikola Tesla, an inventor from the late 19th century who was ahead of his time. They named their company after him because the first powertrain that was used was built around an AC induction motor, patented by none other than Nikola Tesla himself.

This company isn’t just about cars or history. They’re about energy and technology innovation of the sustainable energy sort. They’re the type of brand that believes in what they do.

They want to change the world and so far they’re doing just that.

A new Tesla isn’t just a car. It’s all electric. Which means zero emissions and no pollution.

With their newest innovations in hardware and software, a new Tesla isn’t just an investment in a great vehicle, it’s an investment in safety.

My Buddy Said it Can Drive Itself

Well, your buddy is wrong.

What Tesla’s autopilot actually does is provide an advanced form of cruise control.

The autopilot can do some really cool things. It can guide the car through its lane, change lanes, and monitor surrounding traffic, which can help to avoid collisions.

It cannot drive itself so anyone thinking that they can simply take their hands off the wheel is wasting their money.

How the autopilot works: The cars have eight cameras that provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle and 19 sensors, all of which constantly feed data into the software.

In the future, Tesla hopes that this can give drivers the extra edge with safety by allowing the vehicle to take matters into its own hands. However, it seems that the tech isn’t quite there yet.

The Supercharger Network

Pull a new Tesla into a supercharger station and plug it in. Use the Tesla app to find a station and go find something to do for the expected half an hour wait time.

Don’t worry, the app will send you a message when the vehicle is fully charged.

There are nearly 900 stations in North America with hundreds more opening over the course of the next few years.

The Price Tag

These cars are many things. Cheap isn’t one of them. The model S is the most popular release so far, with the company recently dropping the price to just under $70,000.

The model X is the SUV that comes in at nearly $150,000.

However, the company is completely aware of the high cost of their vehicles and plans to release the model 3 by the middle of 2018.

This much more affordable Tesla is going to be around $35,000.

Tesla is proving that they are the future of the automobile and consumers are buying into the idea as well. Over 400,000 people have placed a deposit on the model 3.

Look for the model 3 to eventually find its way on our Best Cars for Road Trips list.