Car Engine Is Sputtering
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Common Causes to Why Your Car Engine Is Sputtering

If you notice your car is sputtering and has difficulty accelerating, then you probably have underlying issues you need to tend to. Just like any other mechanical equipment, there will come a time when your car will break down and not work.

For your regular motor oil change and other car maintenance services, it’s helpful to understand why it failed when it did. This will tip you off to a failing car engine and you’ll be better prepared to deal with it in the future.

Below are reasons why your car engine is sputtering and how you can fix these issues yourself with the proper equipment and education.

Bad Spark Plugs

One of the reasons your car engine might be sputtering is because of bad spark plugs. When spark plugs get old, they can leave behind deposits that can interfere with the spark.

This can cause your engine to misfire and run rough. If you suspect your spark plugs might be the problem, have them checked and replaced if necessary.

Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor

Your car’s engine may be sputtering due to a dirty mass airflow sensor. This sensor measures the airflow into the engine, and if it is dirty, the engine may not be getting enough air.

This can cause the engine to run lean, or run rich, and can cause the engine to misfire. If your mass airflow sensor is dirty, you should clean it, or replace it.

Vacuum Leak

When your engine sucks in the air, it pulls in oil and dirt. These contaminants can clog up your engine, causing it to sputter. A vacuum leak can cause your engine to run lean, meaning it doesn’t have enough fuel for combustion.

This can also lead to your engine sputtering. If you think you have a vacuum leak, take your car to a mechanic to have it checked out.

Issues With Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor is part of the system that monitors and helps to regulate the air-to-fuel mixture in your car’s engine. The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust stream, usually before the catalytic converter.

The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen content in the exhaust gases and sends a signal to the engine computer. The computer then makes the necessary adjustments to the air-to-fuel mixture. If the oxygen sensor is not functioning properly, the air-to-fuel mixture will be too rich or too lean.

Exhaust Manifold Leak

The exhaust manifold leak is a common issue with many car engines. This is usually caused by a crack or hole in the manifold itself. The exhaust manifold is responsible for collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinders and directing them into the exhaust system.

If there is a leak, these gases can escape and cause the engine to sputter. In some cases, the leak can be big enough to cause the engine to stall. If you suspect that your car has an exhaust manifold leak, make sure to have a mechanic deal with this sputtering system as soon as possible.

Learn What to Do When Your Car Engine Is Sputtering

If your car engine is sputtering, it’s important to take action right away. Pull over to the side of the road, turn off the engine, and call a tow truck. Don’t try to drive your car when the engine is sputtering, as this could cause further damage.

Learning what to do when your car engine is sputtering is important. Otherwise, you can hire a mechanic.

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