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How to Remove Car Dents

The average car lifespan is about twelve years these days, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get through those twelve years without incident. 

Most drivers will encounter small issues like scratches, fender benders, and car dents at some point. Fortunately, most of these minor issues are relatively easy to address.

Today, we’re going to share our tips and tricks to fix car dents on your own and how to recognize the signs that you need professional help.

Read on to learn how to get a dent out of a car.

Grab a Plunger

Many car owners don’t realize that the plunger sitting under their kitchen sink can come in handy for minor car repairs. Keep in mind that flange plungers designed for toilets aren’t the right choice. You’re going to need a cup plunger to remove a minor to medium-sized dent from your car.

To remove a dent with a plunger, moisten both the inside of the plunger and the dent. This will help to create a seal between the two. Then, firmly apply the plunger to the car so that it encapsulates the dent, and make sure that you don’t break that seal. 

Push the plunger in several times, allowing it to pop back out on its own. Do this until the dent pops out and disappears. 

Use a Pot and a Vacuum

Don’t have a cup plunger on hand? We’ve got another trick for you that involves simple household tools. You’re going to need a pot with a hole in the bottom (think pots for plants, not for cooking) and a vacuum with a hose attachment.

Place the hose attachment against the hole on the bottom side of the pot, using tape to create a seal. Then, place the pot around the dent in your car, pressing firmly and holding it steady to avoid scratching the paint. Then, turn on the vacuum and wait for the suction to pull the dent back into place.

Head to an Auto Body Repair Shop

While the tricks we’ve shared here to fix car dents can work on small to medium-sized dents, they won’t do much for big dents. They may also work better on the flat surfaces of your car, such as doors, than on curved surfaces of your car, such as fenders.

When DIY tricks don’t work, it’s time to head to a Collision Repair Shop. For a small fee, auto body repair shops can fix the dent. If the dent is too large, they can order a new part and replace it for you so that your car is good as new.

Fix Car Dents to Get More Out of Your Car

Car dents may not put your car out of commission, but they can make your car look dingy and lower your resale value. Use these tips to address dents in cars and get more out of your vehicle.

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