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What to Know Before Buying a Four Wheeler

Did you know that ATVs can reach up to 75 mph? So, whether you call them four-wheelers or ATVs, you’re in for a fun time! 

You’ll want to know some things before buying your first four wheeler. While it can be overwhelming trying to find this information, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on what you’ll want to know before buying your next off-road vehicle today. 

The Different Types of Four Wheelers

Check out this beginners guide for ATV fun on your next vacation! Before buying an ATV, you need to decide whether you’d like a Youth ATV, Sport ATV, etc.  

Youth ATVs are perfect for younger kids and ATV safety. Utility ATVs are great for hunting, camping, mudding, and more. For racing, go with a Sport ATV. 

They offer you a range of power options. Youth ATVs will have less power since they’re suited for younger ages. 

For towing large loads, pick a higher horsepower ATV. There are also smaller displacement ATVs. 

ATV Safety

Before heading out, you need to obey all laws regarding ATVs on private and public property. Wear all protective gear at all times. 

There are also side-by-sides. Unlike an ATV, these give you space for more passengers since they have seats. 

They work similarly to a car and have a windshield. You’ll have foot pedals and a steering wheel. Many will allow you to tow a boat or trailer. 

ATV vs. Dune Buggies

Dune buggies can be road legal while ATVs usually can’t. ATVs can be used for work such as farming. 

Dune buggies are safer since they have a cage around you. That’ll reduce injuries during an accident. They also have seat belts.

ATVs don’t have these features. It’ll be harder to have someone else go with you. 

ATVs do allow you to modify them, though. It’s harder to modify dune buggies since they come with modifications. 

Buying Used ATVs

If you’re buying used four-wheelers, you might want some experience under your belt. If you don’t, consider bringing someone who does.

You’ll want to check the tires for any cracks or age. When there are cracks, it’s dangerous to ride. 

Tires are expensive to replace. They can reach almost $500. 

Inspect the shocks. Check for any moist areas. 

Run your finger over wet spots. If you notice oil, it’s old. 

This means that the tires will be in the air long after bouncing. This will reduce its stability. 

Check the constant velocity boots, ball joints, and more. Check the engine for leaks. Leaks could wind up costing hundreds of dollars to fix. 

What To Consider Before Buying a Four Wheeler

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect before buying a four wheeler. Take your time picking out the right one for your needs.

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