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What Is an Autonomous Vehicle?

Did you know that the very first self-driving vehicle project was started way back in 2009 by Google? The aim of this project was to create a vehicle that would drive uninterrupted for 100 miles, ten times!

Some experts even believe that with such advancements in this field, driving licenses will become obsolete by the year 2040!

Are you wondering, “What is an autonomous vehicle?” Want to keep up with the latest in-vehicle technology? Take a moment and read about what they are and how they work in the guide below!

What Is an Autonomous Vehicle?

To first understand how they work, you need to know what an autonomous vehicle is. In short, an autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that is capable of driving itself without interference from a human being!

Think of it as a vehicle where you can sit back, relax and read your favorite magazine while being driven to work. In fact, in a truly autonomous vehicle, a human doesn’t even need to be present as it can make decisions independently.

The vehicle can go anywhere a traditional vehicle goes and do everything that human drivers are capable of doing. If you are getting mixed up on the terms of automation or autonomy, have a look here and find out the difference.

How Do These Vehicles Work?

An autonomous vehicle will drive and operate as any other vehicle would, except the vehicle has a wide array of sensors, actuators, algorithms, and powerful processors that are able to learn in real-time. You can think of it as artificial intelligence that is designed to be the best driver on the road. 

While driving, the vehicle uses its sensors and creates a map of the surroundings. Once the surroundings change, it will continuously create a new map, and all this information is fed into the steering and engine system to either turn, stop or accelerate when needed.

Video cameras onboard the vehicle also track the whereabouts of other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights, and read road signs. Ultrasonic sensors in the tires then detect road edges and lane markings to help keep the vehicle driving in a straight line. 

Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

The benefits of these vehicles are undisputed and will change the motoring sector for good. What are the major benefits of turning the entire world to autonomous driving?

  • Up to 30 percent reduced traffic congestion
  • 40 percent cheaper transportation costs
  • Frees up parking space
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent

Autonomy Is the Future

Whether you agree with autonomy or not, the world is heading that way. Learning the answer to “What is an autonomous vehicle?” will keep you ahead of the game and make the transition into autonomous driving easier. The future could be here even quicker than we think.

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