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The Challenges of Leaving Your Car in the Airport Parking Garage

With over 1.5 million monthly passengers, Newark Airport is a hub for air travel. 

If you’re one of these travelers you’re going to have to think about where you’re leaving your car. When rides to and from the airport aren’t an option, you’ve usually got to leave your car in the airport parking garage. Unfortunately, this comes with a list of challenges. 

Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t leave your car in an airport parking lot, and how private parking lots are your solution!

Lack of Parking Bays

Most airports do have a booking system where you can reserve parking from a section of the parking lot. But there are only so many parking spots available.

And if they’re already fully booked, your only option is hoping you find a parking spot in the general parking at the airport. Finding general airport parking takes ages, and if you’re too slow you might even miss your flight!

This is why more people are using private parking facilities. If you’re flying out of Newark Airport, check out EZ Way Parking for private parking options super close to the airport. Booking with them means you’re guaranteed to have a parking spot available. 

Long Walks with Luggage

Even if you are lucky enough to find parking at the airport, it’s probably really far away from the entrance. And while there are usually airport shuttles, they’re always full, or running so rarely that you don’t even see them. So you end up with a really long walk, which is even worse when you have lots of luggage. 

But private parking facilities have shuttles ready to drive you to the airport entrance and collect you when you return. And, since they’re prepared for you, there will always be a space for you. The shuttle service is even complimentary!

Security of Parking Lots

The security at an airport is always more focused on the buildings and the airplanes than the parking areas. So even though there is security, it’s still pretty easy for your car to get damaged while you’re away.

But private parking lots are focused completely on protecting your car. There’s more security around the lot, and even regular patrols. You can rest assured that your car is safe while you enjoy your holiday and travel. 

It helps security to make sure your car is less of a target. Don’t leave any valuables inside it, and make sure everything is closed and locked. 

Cost of Parking Your Car

Air travel isn’t cheap. So finding a budget-friendly parking option should always be a priority. Since airport parking is limited, it can get pricy. 

Private parking facilities are great for your budget because they’re usually cheaper than airport parking. You can also get discounts and coupons for private parking lots, making them even cheaper. 

Never Leave Your Car in an Airport Parking Garage Again

Avoid the hassle of an airport parking garage and use a private parking service for your next travel adventure! 

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