Runs Out of Gas While Driving
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What to Do if Your Car Runs Out of Gas While Driving

With gas prices over 58% higher than they were a year ago, you may be trying to save money by filling up less often. But when you let the fuel gauge teeter on the brink of hitting empty, eventually, you’ll bottom out the gas tank.

How should you handle this roadblock? Read on to learn what to do if your car runs out of gas while driving!

Watch for the Warning Signs 

You may be able to avoid a stalled car if you pay attention to signs of distress. For instance, a car engine that makes a sputtering noise tells you that something’s wrong. Similarly, you’ll see diminished power.

Be aware that your steering capabilities and brakes will lose power when your engine does. In other words, you’ll have to work harder to stop your car. 

When your steering becomes a challenge, look for the nearest gas station and fill your tank!

Pull Your Vehicle to Safety

At the first sign of things going wrong, try to move your vehicle out of harm’s way. Move your car to the shoulder or grass immediately so you don’t disrupt traffic. Even better, aim for a parking lot.

A stopped car in the middle of a busy highway puts you at risk of getting hit. If you’re in a scenario where reaching the side of the road is impossible, turn on blinkers first. Then watch for traffic as you exit the vehicle and move to safety.

Especially at night, it’s critical to ensure that your vehicle is visible. Turn on blinkers or set up reflective guards or signs to signal that your car’s stopped.

Figure Out Where You Are

When you’re on a familiar route, doing this will be easy. But if you’re on a road trip and in unfamiliar territory, you may need to do some research.

Ideally, you can use GPS on your phone to communicate your whereabouts to a family member or friend. Look for intersection markers or landmarks to give specificity if you’re in an unknown place. Or, at night, look for lights that illuminate a ramp or business.

Call for Assistance

If you have a subscription to roadside assistance specialists, you may be able to call a number for 24-hour service. Gas delivery services offer the most convenient solution. Their technicians will bring the gas to you!

If you don’t have your phone with you, you may need to flag down help. In the interest of safety, it’s smartest to do this if you’re not alone or on a deserted road. And you should ask the individual in the car to call a gas station or roadside service for you rather than enter their vehicle.

Know What to Do When Your Car Runs Out of Gas

When your car runs out of gas, the most critical advice is to remain calm. Listen for warning signs and find the nearest gas station to avert a problem, if possible. Otherwise, move your vehicle to the side of the road and reach out for help.

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