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How to Look Out For a Misaligned Car Frame

Have you noticed your car driving strangely? Were you recently in an accident? Your car frame may have suffered damage, and you need to schedule a repair.

The frame provides a car with structure and helps absorb shock during a collision. A misaligned car frame will also cause the value of your car to depreciate market value up to 70 percent.

The best way to ensure you don’t have a misaligned car frame is to take it to a shop for auto repairs. But, sometimes, the frame misalignment is so minor it goes undetected by an auto repair shop. That is until you experience symptoms when you’re driving, which can put you in a risky situation.

Below are five signs to look out for if your car frame is misaligned. Keep reading to learn more and keep yourself safe!

1. Alignment Is Off

The quickest way to notice if your car frame has damage is to check your alignment. When you’re driving, pay attention if your car is pulling to one side. You can test this by removing your hands from the steering wheel for a second.

If it pulls, you have a misaligned car frame.

2. Shock & Suspension Damage

A bent car frame can cause the weight of your vehicle to become unbalanced. Uneven weight distribution will cause damage to your shock and suspension system. Check if your shocks seem worn down on one side of your car.

Or if you notice your car is vibrating on one side. These are both signs of car frame misalignment.

3. Visible Bent Frame

A simple way to check if your car frame has damage is to crawl under your car and look at it. Use a flashlight to check for any dents, bends, or cracks. If damage to your frame is visible, you need to take it to an auto repair shop and ask for a car frame repair.

This method works best with older vehicles that have a ladder frame. More modern cars no longer have the ladder frames visible, or they are unibody frames. But if you notice any bends, you should have your vehicle frame checked out.

4. Uneven Components

If you can’t check the frame itself, you can look at the other components of your car, like the trunk, hood, and doors. Check for gaps, as these are a clear sign of frame misalignment.

5. Unusual Sounds

A bent car frame will cause your car to make noises like creaking or squeaking. These unusual sounds will come from the front or rear of the car and mean that something is wrong with the frame. So if you hear something fishy, it’s your car crying for help, make sure you mention it to the auto repair shop.

Schedule to Have Your Car Frame Misalignment Fixed

A misaligned car frame can cause problems throughout your vehicle and make it hard to drive. Know the symptoms your car will display if the car frame is misaligned so you can act fast.

Schedule an evaluation at your nearest auto repair shop!

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