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5 Types of Window Tinting for Your Car

Do you want to improve the outlook of your car? Well, many different types of car windows tints can improve your car’s appearance.

However, choosing the right window tint can be difficult, especially when you have no idea what to look for.

You need to find a product that will meet your need and be within your budget. Before proceeding with window tinting, you need to know the different auto windows options you can choose from.

Read on to learn everything about the different types of window tinting materials.

1. Dyed Window Tinting

Dyed window tint is comprised of several layers of dyed film. This film can absorb sunlight as it penetrates the windows. However, you can adjust the level of darkness you prefer.

It’s also the most affordable and common type of window tint. However, it does not offer proper UV protection like other products. Dyed tint has a limited ability to block sun rays.

2. Metalized Window Tint

As the name states, metalized tints contain metal micro-particles that keep the sunlight away either by reflection or by absorbing it.

Metalized window tints are more effective than dyed tinting. They will also resist any scratch. Additionally, this tint will strengthen your car windows, making them less susceptible to shatter from accident or impact.

Do you want your car to look shinier? This is the window tint you should choose. The only downside of metalized window tints is that they will interfere with your car’s GPS and radio signals.

3. Hybrid Tints

This window tint contains a combination of dyes and metalized particles. The tint has several dyed layers and a thin metal layer in between.

You can consider hybrid window tints since they reduce the negative aspects of metalized and dyed tinting. Thus, this tinting will have less radio interference than the metalized window. It will also offer better UV protection than dye tint.

Hybrid window tint is also affordable, not as expensive as metalized tints but also as cheap as dyed ones.

4. Carbon Window Tinting

These tints are made using carbon fiber particles.

Carbon window tinting will never fade. It is more effective than dyed or metallic tints in blocking UV rays.

Installing carbon tinting in your car will add very strong insulating features. This tint has heat reduction abilities. By blocking the heat from the sun, the tints can prevent heat accumulation.

However, this tinting is costly than any other product. But its durability will offset any extra money you will pay for it.

5. Ceramic Tints

Do you want a window tint that blocks 99 percent of UV rays? Then, choose ceramic window tints which contain dyes and metal particles.

There are many benefits of ceramic window tinting. For instance, it will never fade and won’t interfere with your radio or GPS signals.

Additionally, it will not conduct heat from the sun. However, ceramic is the most expensive of all tinting products.

Choose the Favorite Types of Window Tinting

There are different types of window tinting you can consider. But before you decide which one to install in your car, you need to determine which one offers the most benefits. Thus, you will need to consider color, insulation, and reflective properties.

Choose any of the discussed windows tints to customize the exterior of your car. However, don’t attempt DIY with auto window tinting; hire professionals who understand local tint regulations.

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