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Debunking the Most Common Recreational Vehicle Myths That Exist Today

RVs are used for everything from family vacations to providing housing for touring artists to being home in their own right for many modern-day nomads and travelers.

But in the early days of the twentieth century, those wishing to travel long distances would have to sleep overnight in a rail car – however, this limited travelers to specific destinations and the availability of the train schedule.

Fast forward to the booming RV industry of today. If you’re curious about exploring the world of recreational vehicles, don’t let these top RV myths hold you back.

Keep reading to learn what myths are out there and discover the truth for yourself.

Myth 1: I Need A Special License To Operate A Recreational Vehicle

This is a common misconception people have when first entering the world of RVs, and it makes sense. Such large vehicles seem intimidating, and it’s easy to assume that you would need a CDL to operate an RV.

Luckily, this is false. In the US, you’re able to drive most RV’s without anything more than a regular Driver’s License. Some states, however, do have their own requirements for particularly large RVs.

For example, some states require a class B license to drive vehicles over 26,000 pounds or 45ft in length. That can also include the weight of any car or object you may be towing behind the RV as well.

Myth 2: RV Travel Is Limiting

On the contrary – traveling in an RV is the best way to broaden your horizons. Though it may be harder to maneuver in tight spaces than in the countryside, taking an RV to the city is perfectly doable.

There are plenty of places to park an RV in the city, and many metropolitan areas offer RV services, like KOA. If you’re in a coastal area, you can often find places to park near the beach, in parking lots, or at parks.

Walmart typically allows overnight parking in their lots, free of charge. That is true for most locations, but you may want to call and ask first. And while you’re there, you can run inside and pick up some RV essentials. Win-win.

Myth 3: RV Travel Is Extremely Expensive

It can seem like there are many costs associated with RV travel that you never knew to think about: the cost of finding the best RV, maintenance, gas, insurance, and parking. It may all be overwhelming at first.

But there are many affordable types of RVs to fit any style on any budget. Montana fifth wheel floor plans offer the best motorhome to fit the whole family on a dime, so you can finally take that dream trip cross-country.

Think about all the money you’ll be saving on hotels, flights, and your other usual travel expenses. If you think in terms of re-allocating money you’d normally spend elsewhere, you’ll see that Rvs are a highly affordable option.

RV: The King Of Comfort On The Road

RVs offer the perfect blend of comfort, style, and the great outdoors. Now that you know about some of the major myth’s surrounding the recreational vehicle, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

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