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Understanding How a Salvage Yard Actually Works in Practice

If it’ll cost more money to fix your old car than the vehicle is worth, what should you do? You can, should you not wish to throw good money after bad, sell it for parts, give it away, or take it to a salvage yard.

According to research, 80% of the materials in a vehicle can be recycled. And the U.S. car recycling sector contributes a whopping $25 billion annually to the country’s gross domestic product.

So you’ll want to consider responsible ways to recycle your vehicle if it doesn’t make sense — financially speaking — to invest money into fixing it up. That’s where salvage yards come into the picture. They’ll buy your scrap car.

Are you interested in learning more about what salvage yards are and what they do? Read on for the information you’re looking for.

What’s a Salvage Yard?

Salvage yards also referred to as scrap yards, are places you can take your unwanted vehicles to. If your old vehicle requires repairs that add up to more than the car is worth, then a salvage yard is a great option.

The staff at a salvage yard will buy your old vehicle and then disassemble it to sell components that are in good working order. Car ownership can be expensive, so it can pay to get cheap used parts from a salvage yard.

How Does a Salvage Yard Work?

Do you need the best junkyard operations in the country? They’re out there. It makes sense to do your research to find the best junk car removal options.

They pretty much all follow the same processes. Here’s a look at what they do:

Car Pre-Treatment

Recycling yards follow automotive industry environmental standards. So, the staff will carefully remove toxic fluids from vehicles and then responsibly dispose of the liquids. The harmful liquids won’t endanger the environment.

Take Apart Car

After removing the toxic fluids from the car, the staff at the salvage yard will carefully disassemble the vehicle. The components will be carefully assessed to determine which parts are suitable for resale and which ones will be recycled.

Some salvage yards will allow customers to come in and remove the parts they need from the best scrap cars. By so doing, customers can save money on labor costs while getting the low-cost auto parts they require to do repairs.

Car Body Pulverizing

After the staff at the junkyard extract all the useable parts from a car, they will pulverize the body of the vehicle and sell the metal to a scrap yard.

Salvage Yards Are Part of the Solution

Vehicle ownership comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities involves getting rid of cars you don’t want in an environmentally responsible way.

So, you’ll want to consider salvage yards whether you want to get rid of your old car or buy inexpensive vehicle components to repair your vehicle.

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