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How Many Spare Keys Should You Have for Your Car?

Did you know that the average individual loses an estimated 3,000 items over their lifetime? That’s four items per month! Keys, in turn, including those for their homes and cars, are among the most commonly lost items.

Sounds familiar? If so, then it’s time you get yourself spare keys for your ride.

The question is, will a single duplicate key be enough, or should you get more? We’ll get to the bottom of that in this guide, so be sure to read on.

Why Should You Even Get Your Car Key Duplicated?

Depending on the type of car key you have, getting it replaced can cost you anywhere from $50 to a staggering $500.

However, the worst-case scenario is having to get your ride towed to a dealership, which can cost you around $1,000. That’s because if you lose your only key, you’d need to get your ride’s locks replaced, too.

By contrast, creating a copy for a car key with a chip can cost as little as $20. For more high-end keys, expect to pay up to $175, though. Yes, that’s steep, but it’s still much less than a replacement key.

So, Is a Single Extra Key for Your Car Enough?

No, instead, you want at least two or three duplicate keys. Any more than that could be overkill, not to mention potentially unsafe.

That’s because the more car key copies you have, the more of them you might lose or misplace. If it ends up in the wrong hands, you may end up losing your entire vehicle.

Where Can You Get Your Car Keys Duplicated?

If you have an older mechanical key, you can get copies of it made by a local hardware store or a car locksmith.

If you have a chip-embedded key, though, you need to have a locksmith or a dealership make the copies. The same goes for laser-cut keys or electronic key fobs.

Where Should You Keep Your Duplicate Keys?

At least one copy of your key should be at home, in a safe and secure spot known by every member of your household.

The second duplicate should then be in your purse or wallet that you always have with you. These are usually on your person, so if you ever forget your key in your car and get locked out, you still have one on you.

If you have three copies, hand over the third to a person you can trust, such as a friend or a neighbor. You can also keep it in a safety deposit box in a location near your home.

The most important thing is that the duplicate key isn’t in the same key ring as your original car key. That would only defeat the purpose of having a spare key in case you lock yourself out of your ride.

Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car With Spare Keys

Having spare keys for your car can spare you the headache of getting locked out of your ride. Moreover, it can save you from dealing with the steep price of hiring an emergency locksmith.

So, as early as now, have at least two or three copies or duplicates made off of your original key.

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