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How Much Does It Actually Cost to Ship a Car?

Did you know that the average American moves 11 times in their life? You might’ve moved around this much yourself!

No matter how many times you move, there are always tough logistics to figure out. For example, do you bring your car or leave it behind?

If you’ve decided to bring your vehicle, then you probably want to know how much it’ll cost to ship a car. Here, we’ll show you average prices and what can affect your quotes!

The Average Cost to Ship a Car

When shipping cars across the country, it can cost anywhere between $1,200 to $1,500. But of course, there are things in your personal situation that can make the car shipping cost higher or lower.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind.


Of course, the shorter your journey is, the lower the cost. However, you should know that there are better cost savings for farther distances!

For example, most companies charge $1.00 per mile for journeys shorter than 500 miles. However, if you’re traveling over 2,000 miles, this base price is halved to $0.50 per mile!

Type of Hauler

There are 2 types of haulers: open and enclosed.

Open haulers are much cheaper because there are more drivers available and they can haul more vehicles in one go. However, enclosed haulers might be better if you have an older or classic car you want to be protected from the elements.

The Route

It’s cheaper to ship your car from major metropolitan areas. This is because the locations are easily accessible to the driver. They’ll have to take extra time and fuel to reach rural areas.

So it might be worth it to drive to the nearest big city for the pickup and delivery, as you’ll save significantly!

The Time of Year

Demand for drivers rises and falls throughout the year. Demand is highest in the summer, which means prices are also the highest for shipping a car.

Winter is also an expensive time. There are fewer drivers due to holidays, and the conditions aren’t great, so there aren’t as many hours in a day to drive.

The Condition of Your Car

If your vehicle isn’t drivable, then expect to pay more.

Why? Because the company will have to source extra equipment and spend more time to get your car on and off the hauler.

If you’re not sure whether or not your car will be operable on the day, it might be worth having a mechanic take a look at it beforehand. That way, you can get any repairs done and have peace of mind for pickup.

Ship Your Car Affordably

Now that you know how much it can cost to ship a car and the factors that affect pricing, you’ll be able to ship your car more affordably.

Make sure you do your research and speak to several companies to get multiple car shipping prices. That way, you’ll be able to book a slot that’s most convenient for you and at prices that are tough to beat too!

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