Renting a Car For a Road Trip
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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Car For a Road Trip

People have started to travel again, but not as they did before the pandemic. In fact, it should be no surprise that 55.6% of American travelers chose road trips over flying last year. Yet, many of those took their road trip in a rental car rather than their personal vehicle.

All around the globe, car rental has become the preferred mode for vacationers. And, there are several good reasons why this is a better way for most road trip destinations.

So, if you want to learn some road trip tips when renting a car, keep reading. Then, let’s get your vacation plans started on the right track.

Reasons to Choose Car Rental Over Personal

If you plan on traveling for seven days are more, renting a car has many advantages. First, taking a road trip with your own car will put more miles on and create faster depreciation. So, why not put those miles on someone else’s vehicle.

Second, if there’s a particular model you always wanted to drive, this is a perfect opportunity. Of course, if it’s a family road trip, you may need extra room. So, upgrade to a larger vehicle and travel to your road trip destinations in comfort.

In many cases, you can get a car rental with free mileage. And, often you’re renting a car that is a newer model with less wear and tear. So, in the long run, a car rental is a more economic way to travel.

Road Trip Tips for Renting a Car

When you plan for a road trip, you’ll need some essential tips to get the best value. For example, before you rent, check your insurance coverage. Ask if your policy covers a rental the same as your own vehicle.

Many credit card providers also have car rental insurance coverage, so it helps to check that. Quite often, you can avoid taking the extra coverage that rental companies want to sell you.

To save money as well, never prepay for fuel. You will always get a better gas price out on the road. And, try to rent from depots away from airports for better rates.

Maybe you’re planning to get off the beaten path for a while. Even when traveling abroad, you still have options.

For example, if you’re planning a Scotland road trip, you can pre-book a Campervan hire off-site. You can arrange to have the vehicle waiting when you arrive or take a taxi to the rental depot.

Again, check with your insurance provider to ensure coverage with foreign car rentals. As well, know the size differences in other countries. Renting a car that’s too small for your luggage is a burden you don’t need.

Have fun and Relax

Take the time to plan ahead for your next road trip. When you book in advance you can often get better car rental deals. And, try to return your car rental to the same place you picked it up to save more.

Road trip destinations are much more fun and exciting without the extra worry. Renting a car can get you on the road to those places with peace of mind.

And, if you enjoyed these road trip tips, come back for some more great automotive advice.