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5 Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

If you’re interested in handling your car maintenance, it’s important that you pay close attention to your brake repair needs. Knowing when you need a brake replacement is half the battle when it comes to keeping you safe and looking after your vehicle for the long term. 

So how can you look after your brake needs? We’re happy to explain. Here are some signs that you’ll need to get new brakes for your vehicle. 

1. They’re Beginning to Screech When You Engage Them

Quickly call up brake repair services if you’re noticing a screeching sound when you engage the brakes. This screeching is typically due to a mechanism in place that lets you know when your brake pads are wearing thin. 

You’ll need to quickly replace the brake pads before you end up in a situation where you’re dealing with metal on metal. 

2. It’s Harder to Stop at Reasonable Distances

You always need to be aware of the ease with which you stop. It should never be difficult to stop at a reasonable distance without having to struggle or wonder if you’re going to make it. 

Gauge your stopping distances, and make sure to replace your brakes if you’re having to stop at farther distances just to make a regular stop. 

3. The Brakes are Leaking Fluid

It’s important that you regularly look into your brake fluid. Check the reservoir to make certain that you have enough fluid and that it’s not a dull or burnt color. 

When you pull off, notice whether or not there’s any leakage underneath the vehicle. 

4. You’re Getting an Indicator About Brake Service

You’ll learn a lot about your automobile by paying attention to the computer system. These systems have indicators that let you know when any part of your automobile is acting up. 

If an indicator light is lit on your dashboard saying that your brakes need service, it’s important that you take it into the shop as quickly as possible. Give yourself the chance to verify this issue by taking it to an auto repair shop after the indicator comes on. 

5. The Brakes are Vibrating or Making Strange Sounds

Finally, definitely make sure that you take your vehicle in to get the brakes replaced if the vehicle is vibrating or making grinding noises whenever you try to bring it to a stop. 

This is a sign that your brakes are potentially becoming dangerous, and you run the risk of getting into a wreck and hurting yourself or someone else. 

Shop for New Brakes When You Need Them

The tips above explain when it might be best to get new brakes for your automobile. Make no mistake about it — this is a red flag issue that has to be addressed as quickly as possible. 

Do your due diligence and make sure that you find the help of a certified auto mechanic that can address whatever kind of brake work you need. 

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