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Industrial Curtain Types That Can Be Used in Car Dealerships

Car dealerships sell more than just cars. They sell experiences. 

Unlike retail or gaming consumers, more than 80% of car buyers purchase vehicles in person. 41% of those customers visit only one dealership before buying a car too.

Thus, the look and feel of your dealership play a vital role in sales and marketing. This process is also called automotive merchandising.

Car merchandising supplies include signs, stickers, rotating vehicle platforms, flags, banners, and compelling photos.

You also need an industrial curtain solution.

Dealership curtains serve several functions, from merchandising to administration. Let’s take a closer look at industrial-style curtains for car dealers.

Industrial Curtains for Office Spaces

Dealerships also function as showrooms. Showrooms have large open layouts. You won’t find any cubicles in a dealership, but you can still designate administrative spaces in showrooms.

Your sales agents need dedicated spaces to do the following:

  • Process paperwork
  • Grab contracts
  • Discuss logistics with buyers
  • Make phone calls
  • Order office supplies
  • Perform basic computer tasks

Industrial curtains act as partitions for car showroom offices. Curtains don’t distract from the fluidity of the dealership’s layout. Plus, they provide enough privacy for employees and car buyers.

You can also buy industrial soundproof curtains to reduce distractions during the sales process, improving productivity and sales rates. Car buyers have lots of questions, and they need your agents’ undivided attention.

Curtains for Dealership Pop-Up Experiences

Soundproofed curtains help when you’re holding separate events at your dealership too. For example, if you’re sponsoring an event for charity, you could use industrial curtains to create a separate registration area for attendees.

A guest registration area is an example of a pop-up experience. Like tents, you can use industrial-style curtains to create immersive buyer experiences.

Ask yourself: if you were launching a brand new car dealership, how would you effectively use industrial curtains for the grand opening?

Here are a few ideas to start:

  • Raffle registration area for a new car
  • Games and prizes for kids
  • Branded spaces with company swag
  • Car technology demo area
  • Merchandise tables
  • Art from local painters and photographers

You could also use several curtains to create a large walkthrough pop-up experience at the dealership.

Industrial Auto Shop Curtains

Does your dealership provide auto repair services?

Industrial curtains are a staple in auto shops. Like car showrooms, curtains make auto shop layouts more functional and productive.

Mechanics concentrate better in privacy. Plus, an industrial curtain creates a better visual experience overall.

Industrial style curtains come in different colors, styles, and materials. Think about your dealership’s brand colors when choosing curtains.

If your business has a sleek, modern look with dark tones, black curtains will work. You could install dark-colored PVC strip curtains, separating the auto shop from your dealership. PVC strips are functional, but they have a cool look too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is clear industrial curtains.

Clear curtains don’t offer privacy. However, they’re great for giving visitors an inside look into your car detailing process. If you fix and sell vintage cars, you could show off your cool restoration process in action.

Curtains for Car Detailing Areas

Transparent PVC strips are also the ideal industrial curtain type for car detailing shops. These curtains allow more freedom of movement within the facility. Technicians also enjoy more visibility, improving safety overall.

Industrial strip curtains are low maintenance and cost-effective. They reduce noise, distractions, pests, and allergens. PVC strips even control temperature and humidity; that’s why they’re used in walk-in refrigerators too.

Roller Partitions and Curtains

Industrial roller curtains are perfect for dealerships. Dealerships periodically update layouts to improve buyer and employee experiences. These industrial curtains roll easily to enable quick showroom rearrangements.

Roller curtains move easily and lock in place. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t provide maximum protection from contaminants. Environmental roller curtains are also available for dealerships.

What’s the Best Industrial Curtain for Car Washes?

Offering several services at your dealership can attract more buyers and lifelong customers. Consumers love all-in-one solutions. In addition to an auto shop, you could attach a car wash to your showroom.

You need industrial curtains that enclose wash areas, but visibility is also important. Thus, clear (non-strip) PVC curtains work best for car washes. Clear materials also work with most auto branding identities.

Branded Curtains for Car Dealerships

Are you customizing your industrial curtains? If not, you’re missing a good marketing opportunity.

For example, suppose you’re promoting your dealership and detailing business at an auto convention.

You score a great spot outside and set up your industrial curtain walls. You position the car, marketing materials, and freebies. You have branded products like pens and mugs, but you don’t have a customized curtain.

Logos help consumers make connections. That’s why print marketing is still so powerful. Branded products find their way into customers’ homes and become a part of their lives.

What about the foot traffic that doesn’t engage directly with your booth?

Without a branded curtain, passerby won’t remember your company’s name. Even a quick glance at a logo will implant something in the mind. ​

How to Buy an Excellent Industrial Curtain

There are several Industrial curtain styles available. Assess your company’s needs while keeping its brand in mind.

Consider the following issues when choosing curtains:

  • Safety
  • Movement
  • Productivity
  • Durability
  • Visibility
  • Temperature control
  • Humidity
  • Indoor air quality

You may want to play around with some curtains in person. These products are large. Purchase the most maneuverable ones for your dealership.

There are a few ways to buy industrial curtains.

You could buy them in-person or online and install them yourself. You can buy the parts separately and assemble your own curtains. However, it’s easier to request a quote from a company that can handle the whole installation.

Find the Ideal Curtains for Your Dealership

Enhance your dealership’s experience with a new industrial curtain (or five!) Experiment with different layout ideas, and take notes of what works best.

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