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The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Engine Mounts

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36% of people don’t know how to fix a flat tire. If that describes you, then not knowing much about engine mounts can be 100% forgiven.

Between knowing how to change a car battery, check your fluids, keep the air in your tires, and do emergency work, there’s another little-remembered bit of our cars. Engine mounts are essential vehicle parts for our engines to work properly and ensure a smooth ride for you.

Want to know what engine mounts are, how it affects engine response, and why it changes engine design? Keep reading to know all this and more.

What Are Engine Mounts?

Engine mounts are what keeps your engine inside your car’s frame. Did you think your engine was only sitting in there because it’s heavy?

Motor mounts are brackets attached to your car’s frame, usually made of steel. These steel brackets also have rubber or plastic cushions in them that range from soft, medium, to hard.

Your engine produces all the power, which includes torque. That torque makes your engine physically vibrate, turn and twist as the pistons move. The center of the engine’s gravity and all the moving parts means it wants to jump around and twist.

Engine mounts keep it from doing that and also give you a smooth ride. Your frame protects your engine and other components, which is why a 3rd gen 4Runner bumper might be a good idea to keep everything from getting smushed.

Factory OEM or Performance Mounts, Which Is Best?

Factory OEM engine mounts are usually quite soft. They absorb a lot of the shock of the engine moving around under your hood. Without that, your engine would damage other parts and probably break the shaft leading to your transmission.

People love a smooth ride where they don’t feel the kick of the engine — most people anyway. Others love getting every horsepower they can from their vehicle. Factories side with the majority and equip most consumer cars with soft engine mounts to reign your engine in.

The problem with soft engine mounts is that they actually sap torque from your engine in something called “drive line lash.” This means that those who are trying to get as much torque as they can to tow something or increase the power on the pavement opt for harder engine mounts.

This isn’t something you can usually get your dealership to do before rolling off the lot. It’s an aftermarket modification that can make your ride rumbly, but more powerful.

If you’re looking to switch yours out, they need to be able to lift your engine out of your car. This is akin to open-heart surgery, and a lot can go wrong in the wrong hands. Leave it to a professional.

Mount Your Engines

Engine mounts come in many different “grades,” and changing them may be on your list, and maybe not. They take forever to wear out, so you have a lot of time to make up your mind.

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