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5 of the Best Trailer Tires for 2021

Love camping? Hardly anything beats traveling around the country, finding exceptional camping locations in the great outdoors. To step outside your camper trailer in the morning, surround by mountains, forests, wildlife, and nature, is the sign that lets you know you’ve made it.

And if you want to ensure you can reach each of these incredible, back-country destinations, you need to ensure your RV is equipped with the best trailer tires for the job. After all, it’s those tires that are responsible for getting your camper to every single campsite.

Wondering why you need to invest in the best travel trailer tire this year? Want to know why having mismatched trailer tires is a bad idea? Keep reading for answers to all your questions, as well as the top trailer tires reviews, below. 

Why Trailer Tires Are So Important 

For those who own a camper van or travel trailer, it’s easy to focus on the interior. The comfort of the beds, the organization of the kitchen and camping gear, the bathroom and the decor, and so forth.

And while those things are important, they are worthless if you can’t get your trailer to the campsite in the first place. Having old or low-quality tires is a recipe for disaster, especially if you are trying to venture to campsites off the beaten track.

If you travel down dirt roads, on mountain highways, or in rough conditions, you need tires on your travel trailer that are safe and ensure you are going to reach your destination.

If you have bad tires, all you need to do is look for replacements. However, if you are looking for travel trailers for sale, make sure to inspect the tires closely to ensure you make a good buy.

The Best Trailer Tires for Your Camper

Now that you know why tires are so important to your camping adventures, it’s time to upgrade yours. Here are the top picks for trailer tires in 2021. 

1. Trailer King ST Radial

Looking for a do-it-all RV tire? If you have a standard size travel trailer and carry the average amount of weight inside, these tires are a great choice. They’re strong, durable, and offer great stability and heat dissipation thanks to an effective design. 

2. Premium WINDA Travel Trailer Tires

Do you have a smaller camper, such as a popup? If it’s lightweight, you should consider the affordable and durable Premium WINDA tires, which enable you to take smaller trailers across far distances without any problems. 

3. Freestyle M-108+

If you frequent hot destinations, such as Florida or the Southwest, you’re going to need tires that can handle heavy loads, at high speeds, on hot highways. These tires will withstand blowouts in the hottest conditions, making them great for desert travelers. 

4. Goodyear Unisteel Radial Tires

If you are hauling a lot of weight, or if you have a larger travel trailer, you’re going to want heavy-duty tires. These tires from Goodyear are commercial grade, ensuring you can carry your load far and wide. 

5. Carlisle Radial Trail Tire

These tires from Carlisle are a bit more expensive but are high quality and very durable. They work well for different types of trailers and weights, making them a do-it-all kind of tire.

Don’t Skimp on Tires

Investing in the best trailer tires you can afford will provide peace of mind as you travel across the country with your travel trailer. You can ensure your camper will make it on long stretches of highway as well as down tough dirt roads in tricky conditions.

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