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3 Ways LEDs are Lighting up Car Light Trends

Customization is a longstanding tradition in the world of car fanatics. Hot rods and street rods are both historic examples, and the fad has never died out; the modifications have just gotten better.

While performance-improving modifications can get pricey and require a certain amount of knowledge and skill to achieve, easier aesthetic modifications can be just as rewarding. Aesthetic modifications include paint jobs, custom seat covers, and strategically placed car lights. With the right research and materials, you can make your car into something you’d never find on the car sales lot.

Read on to find out more about how to use creative LEDs to transform your car into the cool ride of your dreams.

The Kinds of Car Lights 

There are three main kinds of LED lights that are lighting up car light trends. They are the headlights, underbody lights, and interior lights. They each require different amounts of skill and knowledge to install, but all three can make a major difference in your car’s appearance.

1. Headlights

The most technical of light customization is, of course, the headlights. If you aren’t familiar with lighting tech, you may want to outsource this job. The results are sure to be rewarding either way.

LED lights for your headlights will improve not only your car’s appearance but also your ability to see at night. However, it’s the most expensive automotive lighting.

2. Underbody Lights

For a futuristic exterior look, consider underbody lights. These car lights create a colorful glow emanating from the bottom of your car and onto the ground. Although they don’t offer a practical use like headlights do, they are a much cheaper option and can be installed by an amateur.¬†

If you don’t want to commit to one color for your underbody lights, you can get a kit with customizable colored lights that are controlled by your phone.

3. Interior Lights

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to customize your car is with interior LED lights. Many of them come in stick-on strips so that you can attach them easily to the nooks and crannies of your car. Follow the perimeter lines of your interior to create a glow that extends to the center of the car.

https://www.ellumiglow.com/electroluminescence/electroluminescent-wire offers a super-thin, battery-powered EL wire for lighting up the interior of your car. It packs a powerful light into a small package, and best of all, you can cut the wire itself at any point along it, and it’ll continue to glow up to that point. This means that you can have the perfect fit without having to buy different sizes of lights.

Enjoy Your Trendy Car

Installing personalized car lights can be the first step in making your car reflect your own taste. With custom LED headlights, underbody lights, or interior lights, you’ll always have a unique car that you can be proud to show off.

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