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What Do I Do If I’m Locked Out of My Car?

You know the feeling: you close your car door, and just as it clicks closed, you think – oh no, my keys are still in there! It’s almost as if it happens in slow motion. 

If you’re locked out of your car, the obvious answer is to get your spare key, but if you had a spare key handy, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Luckily, this article can help. Read on for tips for what to do when you lock your keys in your car. 

DIY Methods

You can try to get into your car by yourself, but chances are, this won’t work. Newer cars are designed to deter thieves, so it’s pretty difficult to get into the car on your own. 

You could try to use a wire coat hanger if you can get the door open enough to have a small gap between the door and the frame of the car. Once you do this, slip a coat hanger into the gap and press the unlock button or hook it on the locking post and pull the door unlocked. Beware of this method, though, as you could cause a lot of damage to your car. 

There is also a tool called a pump wedge, which is what many professional locksmiths use. A pump wedge is inflated to make a gap between the door and the car frame, and then a tool is slipped into the opening to hit the unlock button. This basically the professional version of using a coat hanger to unlock your car. 

The last resort is breaking your window. If you’re really in a jam, you could pull a Johnny ala Dirty Dancing to get into your car, but you’ll face a hefty bill to replace your window. 

Roadside Assistance

Many insurance policies offer roadside assistance. You might be paying for it and not even realize it. If you have this through your insurance company, car company, or even AAA, give them a call. Lockouts are typically one of the services offered by roadside assistance programs. 

Call a Locksmith

If you don’t have roadside assistance, it’s time to call a locksmith company like Action Lock-South Georgian Bay. Professional locksmiths are experts in getting you back into your vehicle and can do it without damaging your car. 

Many locksmiths can also create a spare key for you, so if you never got one or lost yours, you should consider having one made in case you have any future lockouts. 

Call 911

If you are in an emergency situation, such as locking your child in the car, call 911. If there are extreme weather circumstances such as high heat or very low temperatures or your child is in distress, first responders will likely break a window or pry open your door to get to your child. If it’s an emergency situation, don’t wait for roadside assistance or a locksmith. Get help right away.

Locked Out? Use These Helpful Tips 

If you find that you’re locked out of your car, you can try DIY methods if you’re not afraid of damaging your car, or you can just bite the bullet and call in roadside assistance or a locksmith to get your doors unlocked and get you on your way. Just remember to call 911 if you find yourself in an emergency lock-out situation. 

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