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4 Advantages of an Auto Storage Facility When Going On an Long Vacation

Most of us love to take a few weeks out of the year to travel. It’s a chance to grow and experience other cultures and find out more about the world we live in.

The problem is, what do we do with our valuables while we’re away? If we’re lucky, we can hire house-sitting services to watch over our homes and pets. But what about our cars and other large assets?

This is where auto storage services come into play. When you use a car storage service, you won’t have to worry about what will happen to your car or RV.

Here are four reasons to use a car storage facility when you go out of town. 

1. Security

The number one concern most people have when they go on vacation is how to protect their cars from being stolen or vandalized. Even if you park your cars in a solidly built garage, they’re still unattended unless you hire security. 

Private security can be very expensive, which is why it makes sense to utilize a car storage facility like Safe Harbour Storage. Storing a vehicle is a far better option than leaving your car to fend for itself at home in your garage. 

2. Storage Amenities

Most professional storage facilities have some sort of climate control system, which means that your vehicle won’t be exposed to moisture or mold. 

Additionally, closed-circuit TV systems monitor the facilities 24/7, so you can be confident that your assets are safe.

Some storage facilities will crap your car or perform regular maintenance like washing and waxing. If car detailing is a priority for you be sure to ask about it when you’re researching auto storage services.

3. Ample Space

Some people just like cars- lots of them! If you are a car collector and need additional room for parking, a vehicle storage facility is the perfect solution for you.

Most vehicle storage centers can accommodate any sized vehicle, from tiny luxury coupes to oversized RVs. You’ll be able to stow your entire collection in safety and use the ones you want on a rotational basis. 

4. Quality Cost Savings

If you’re planning to be away for several weeks or months, you probably don’t want to pay to park your car at the airport! Airport parking fees are usually exorbitant, even if you get long-term pricing. 

By storing your car in an auto storage facility while you’re away, you will likely pay far less than you would for airport parking. 

Auto Storage Protects Your Assets While You’re Away

When you go on vacation, consider using an auto storage facility to keep your vehicles safe until your return. You should be able to negotiate a good price and even reap the benefits of car detailing services.

It’ll be nice to relax and enjoy not having to think about your vehicle at all. If you do have questions or need to make any changes to the contract, the customer service team will be there for you. 

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