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How to Transport a Motorcycle: The Process Explained

You initially purchase a motorbike to traverse the open roads. There’s little more thrilling than the wind in your hair and the highway open in front of you. However, there are some journeys you and your bike will need to make that you simply can’t make together.

In these instances, you’ll need to get familiar with the basics of how to transport a motorcycle. It is crucial to transport your motorcycle correctly, as improper transportation could lead to damage that could be expensive to fix.

What are the key things to know about transporting a bike? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Moving With a Motorcycle

If you’re having your bike moved across many states, you’ll want to make sure it arrives at your destination in one piece. Safety will become the number one priority for your motorcycle and you’ll need a few tools to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your pride and joy.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is what you’ll rent or purchase in order to move it. Most serious motorcycle owners will get a trailer that can house their bikes alone, allowing for maximum protection and care.

If you don’t have one in your possession, you can easily find motorcycle trailers for sale online and around your town.

Once you have this trailer in your possession, the other essential piece of equipment you’ll need is motorcycle tie-downs. These are tools that attach to a bike and pull it taut against your trailer or tow vehicle.

This helps to keep your bike upright and in place during the entire move.

Loading a Motorcycle

Of course, before you can tie down a motorcycle properly in a trailer, you’ll need to safely get it into the trailer itself. This can be more difficult than you might imagine.

The easiest method will be if you can use a ramp to bring the bike up into the trailer. In many cases, you might need a custom-built ramp to support the weight of your bike. Some trailers will come with ramps built in that you can use.

It’s best to have two people on either side of the ramp, guiding it up into the body of the trailer. This will help keep it upright. It is not advised to drive a bike up a ramp.

What if You Don’t Have a Ramp?

Without a ramp to get your motorcycle into the body of a trailer, things can be a lot more difficult. If your bike isn’t too heavy, you might be able to have two or three people lift it into the vehicle.

This is a risk, of course, because if you drop the bike you could do serious damage or injure yourself. This is doubly true if you don’t use proper lifting techniques.

It’s best to lift from the fork and the handlebars, getting the front wheel of the vehicle into the trailer first. Once the front wheel is in and supporting some weight, you can put the bike into neutral and slowly slide it into the body of the trailer.

How to Transport a Motorcycle

If you’re planning on bringing your bike with you during your move, you’ll need to get familiar with how to transport a motorcycle. The above tips and tricks can ensure your prized possession gets to your new destination in one piece.

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