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How to Find a Pre-Owned Car Dealership You Can Trust: 7 Key Qualities to Look For

Finding a pre-owned car dealership is easy. After all, there are 16,646 franchised dealers in the US and countless more independent ones! With many unscrupulous sellers in operation too, though, the tricky part’s finding the best pre-owned car dealership that you can trust and buy from with confidence.

Thankfully, there are a few tell-tale signs to help aspiring buyers separate the good dealers from the bad! Want to find out all about them? Well, you’re in the right place.

Today we’re going through 7 key qualities of a trustworthy used-car dealership.

1. Positive Online Reviews

The internet’s your ally when it comes to finding a high-quality pre-used car dealership. Why? Because it’s full of feedback and reviews from people who have purchased cars from them in the past!

Reading their insights should reveal everything you need to know about whether or not you can trust the dealer in question. It’s a good sign if those reviews are full of positivity! If they’re saturated with negativity, though, then you’ll know to avoid the dealer at all costs.

Be diligent in your hunt for this kind of information. Search for dealers on the Better Business Bureau site, visit their Facebook pages, and see what people are saying about them on Yelp. Oh, and Google reviews and Angie’s List should contain valuable insights from past customers too.

2. Word of Mouth

The reputation of pre-used car dealerships usually extends beyond the internet too. So be sure to ask your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances for recommendations! Anyone who has bought a second-hand car from a local dealer in the past might be able to vouch for them (or not!).

These word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable. For one thing, they come from people you know and trust, which makes them much more reliable in nature than online reviews. For another, you can ask questions about their experience, find out specific details about the process, and discover any potential issues to keep an eye on.

3. High-Quality Cars in the Lot

Pay close attention to the cars in a dealer’s lot as well. It’s a good sign if they seem relatively new, well-tended, and in good condition! It suggests they’re being sold and replaced on a regular basis (a sure-fire sign of the dealer’s popularity in the neighborhood).

More importantly, nobody wants to buy a used car that seems too old and rough around the edges! If the lot’s full of dated vehicles that look their age, we recommend going elsewhere. Before you do, though, see if you can spot a repair shop that’s attached to the dealership.

It’s always reassuring if there is one. Why? Because it shows they inspect and repair the vehicles in their lot and have the means to resolve any warranty repairs that arise.

4. Certified Pre-Owned Programs

For true peace of mind, search for dealerships with certified pre-owned cars and trucks (CPOs). These vehicles come with an official seal of approval! They’ve passed inspections, been repaired (where necessary) to a high standard, and tend to be newer models with fewer miles on the clock.

The best part? They come with a warranty and are guaranteed to have never been in any significant accidents. All told, you can buy in much greater confidence, knowing that a) there’s no danger of buying a lemon and b) any issues (assuming they’re under warranty) that do arise will be repaired for free.

5. Standard Prices

As tempting as budget prices can be, they’re often red flags when it comes to buying used cars. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is! Dodgy dealerships know we’re all suckers for a bargain, so they drop the price on substandard vehicles to attract innocent and unwitting buyers.

By comparison, car dealerships that offer similar prices to others in the area tend to be more trustworthy. This is another incentive to do your research and avoid buying something from the first dealership you encounter! Shopping around enables you to compare prices until you discover the perfect balance between cost and quality.

6. Extended Warranty Periods

It’s hard to overstate the importance of warranties when it comes to purchasing second-hand vehicles. Faults and repairs are to be expected! If they aren’t under warranty, then you’ll have to pay for whatever mechanical work needs doing.

Alas, not all warranties are made equal either! It’s in your interest to find one that’s as long as possible and provides cover for a wide array of issues. One more thing: as a rule of thumb, longer warranties imply better vehicles (and trustworthy dealerships, like Gates Auto!).

7. Respectful and Attentive Salespeople

The people who work for a dealership are a crucial piece of this puzzle too. After all, few people understand the inner workings of a car engine. But most of us can tell if someone’s honest and reliable (or not).

Be wary of salespeople who are too pushy or sweet-talking. Trustworthy salesmen and women will be respectful, attentive, and empathic. They’ll go above and beyond to solve your problems without forcing anything upon you.

If all else fails, pay attention to your gut. Trust us, your intuition about a dealership (and the people who work there) can tell you everything you need to know! You might be unable to put a finger on the issue, but if you feel anything other than confidence, think about taking your business elsewhere.

Time to Find a Trustworthy Pre-Owned Car Dealership

Pre-owned car dealerships are ubiquitous in the United States. Tens of thousands of them operate around the country. However, you can’t trust all of them with your hard-earned cash!

Have you been wondering how to find a pre-owned car dealership that won’t let you down? Well, we hope this post has helped. Keep them in mind as you embark on your search for a second-hand vehicle and you should drive away happy.

The tips in this article should provide a useful starting point for buying a used car. Trust us, though, there’s much more to learn on this topic! To continue your education, search ‘dealership’ on the website now.