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5 Tips For Living in a Van

There has been an explosion in the last few years of people pursuing a part-time or full-time living in a van. It’s a life of freedom, it’s affordable, and it’s minimalist. 

However, living your life in such a tiny space is also very challenging. And if you’ve found yourself living in a fan you know all about it! 

So, how do you go about making it more comfortable? Check out these five awesome tips for making the most of your life in a van. 

1. Organize Your Space 

Comfortably living in a car, even when it’s a big fan, requires the functional use of space so you can maximize your living area. There are a couple of ways to do this. 

Firstly, consider your van mattress. A bed takes up a lot of space, so you want to be able to remove it when you’re not sleeping and easily store things under it or turn it into a sitting area. Check out this van mattress which you can easily fold and store when not in use. 

Secondly, car storage is of vital importance. Use packing cubes to keep things such as clothes compressed and organized. Invest in stackable storage boxes to make use of all the available space. 

2. Prepare Your Van for Cold Weather

Cross-country travels in your van are great, but you and your vehicle need to be prepared for cold weather changes. 

Equip your van with proper insulation on the roof, walls, floor, and door. Choose an affordable and functional heating system such as a portable Buddy heater. Invest in warm bedding and hot water bottles for those frosty mornings and evenings.

3. Remember the Essentials 

There are some absolute non-negotiable essentials when living in a vehicle. You’ll need a headlamp for navigating your way around outside in the night, as well as a car charger adaptor to keep all your electronics fully charged. 

A good pair of boots and rain gear (raincoat or poncho) are essential clothing items. 

4. Save Space With Less Stuff 

If you’re living in an automobile you have to downsize your life. There is no space for hoarding or things that you don’t use. You’ll have to get rid of a lot of unnecessary items (all unnecessary items, actually). The only things in your van should be things that have a function — even better if they are dual purpose. 

5. Think About Hygiene

Living in a van doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice basic hygiene. First, think about your toilet: chemical porta-potty or composting toilet? Secondly, consider installing an outdoor shower where you can use water from your onboard freshwater tank or river and lake water. 

You Need to Adapt to Living in a Van

The most important thing to remember about living in a van is that you need to adapt. There are simply some things about your life that you’ll have to give up or change. However, using some of these tips you can make it as comfortable as possible. 

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