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3 Types Of Car Coverage You Shouldn’t Be Without

In a country where 4.4 million people need medical attention due to an auto accident on an annual basis, you’ll want to make sure that your insurance coverage is as water-tight as it can be.

On the surface level, you’d think that you only need a random “car insurance” policy, and you’re good to go. However, the truth is quite different. There are so many different types and bundles of car insurance policies on the market you’ll want to know, before slapping on a single insurance policy and calling it a day.

Keep on reading to know the top three types of car coverage that will save you time, money, as well as give you peace of mind every single time you hop in your car.

1. The Crowned Jewel of Car Coverage: Medical/Personal Injury Protection

With the already-astronomical costs of medical care and the basic prices of treating car accident injuries, you’ll want to have solid medical or personal injury protection on hand. 

Regardless of who’s at-fault in a car accident, without a protection policy, you won’t be able to cover the medical bills for your own injuries as well as the passengers. Even if you’ll be suing or reaching a settlement, it’s an important protection for the up-front costs that will be thrown your way. 

It’s a good idea to check just how much your health insurance plan covers, because if it’s a limited plan, then you’ll want to get a medical protection policy as soon as possible. 

2. Collision Insurance Policy

Traditional liability insurance for your car won’t really be of much help when it comes to repairing your own vehicle. In the simplest of terms, a collision insurance policy will ensure that your insurer will pay for the repairs necessary for your car. This way you can replace your glass from Woodchester Auto Glass LTD without any issues. 

And, in the case of a severe accident that has totaled your car, then your collision policy will pay out the value of your car. Even if the sum of the payout probably won’t cover the cost of a brand new car, it’ll reach the approximate value of your car before the accident. 

3. Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Sometimes life can really come for your car’s neck. 

Most drivers focus on liability and collision insurances thinking that their car will only damage due to an auto accident. However, they haven’t prepared for the host of other problems and disasters that might pop up and damage their vehicle. 

For example, there might be some weather damages that can total your car, or an animal collision, or car theft. In this case, you’ll want the protection of a comprehensive insurance policy. This way, your insurer will be responsible for handling any situation (no matter how bizarre) that might happen. 

Getting the Right Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

And for the protection of your wallet, as well. 

Life can be unpredictable in the best and worst of ways. That’s why you’ll want to keep these three main car coverage in your pocket for anything that might pop up that has to do with your vehicle. 

It’s a classical case of “better safe than sorry.”