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Keep the Sun Out of Your Eyes: Finding A Top Window Tint

You rely on your car to get you where you need to go every day. That means you’re spending hours behind the wheel and, if you’re like most drivers, you put more than 220 miles each week on your ride.

Though your car protects you from the elements, it doesn’t always keep you safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, the longer you’re in your car, the more exposure you’re getting even if you think your skin is safe.

The best way to cut down on sun damage is to install a high-quality auto window tint film on your windows. For most drivers, finding the right type of film and getting it installed correctly can be a confusing process.

Here are a few things to do before you can choose the best film for your needs.

Figure Out Why You Want the Window Tint

Before you start looking into different types of window tinting film, you need to figure out what you want the tint to do. Believe it or not, window films do more than just block the sun’s UV rays.

They also make your windows more resistant to cracks and damage and can add privacy to your vehicle. That said, you need to choose the right type of film for the job.

Think about why you want to install window film in the first place. If you’re looking to add privacy, you’ll want a darker window tint. If you want to improve security and block UV rays without changing the look of your windows, you’ll want a clear security tint.

Once you have an idea of the types of film you need, you’ll be ready to start looking for providers and researching brands.

Research the Options in Detail

Once you know what type of film you need, you’ll want to research the different brands available. There are dozens of window tinting manufacturers to choose from and all of them offer films with different benefits.

Do what you can to research the types of film, the warranties offered, and the benefits of each window tinting film manufacturer. Keep a list of the brands that you’re most comfortable with and prioritize ordering one of those films.

If you choose to work with a professional installation service, find out what brands of film they carry. You’ll want to choose a company that offers the brands you’re most comfortable with.

Consider the Car Window Tint Percentage

Auto window tint comes in different darkness or tint percentages ranging from nearly clear to almost completely black. The percentage you choose largely depends on what you want the tinting film to do for your car.

Darker films will block more glare but not more UV rays. Almost all modern window tinting films block at least 99 percent of those harmful UV rays regardless of color. It will, however, give you more privacy and reduce the risk of break-ins and smash and grabs.

Lighter films will give your car a more open feel, letting you enjoy the natural light without worrying about sun damage.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you’re legally allowed to have film at your preferred tint percentage. Every state has different laws and requires that tinting films be light enough that police can safely see inside your car if you’re pulled over.

If you choose a film that’s too dark, you risk getting a ticket and having to remove the film altogether.

Look for Professional Installation Experts

Though you can install window film on your own, it’s not always in your best interest. Many tint manufacturers only honor their warranties if you get the film installed by a licensed professional.

The best way to find reliable companies in your area is to search the internet for “window tint near me.” This will pull up a list of companies in your hometown.

Once you have a few companies in mind, schedule a consultation. During this consultation, their staff will help you find the right type of film for your car and will go over the cost of the installation service.

Get quotes from several companies and compare them in detail. You’ll want to choose the expert that offers the best price and the highest quality workmanship every time. Keep in mind that you may end up paying more for higher quality work and higher-quality film.

Ask for References and Read Reviews

Before you schedule an installation appointment, it’s a good idea to ask each company you’re considering for a portfolio of their recent work. This will give you an idea of what the film will look like on your car.

It’s also worth asking each company for references. Reputable window tinting companies will have a list of previous customers that are willing to discuss their experience with you.

Follow up on those references and see what they have to say. If most people are still happy with the tinting job they received, you’ll likely have the same experience. However, if most have issues with the film or express concerns about the quality of the company’s workmanship, keep looking.

If you’re not comfortable speaking to people on the phone, you can still get an idea of what others think. Read online reviews for each company and pay attention to any repeat issues or concerns the reviews mention. If most of the reviews are positive, it’s worth working with the tinting company.

Finding the Best Window Tint Is Doable

Installing a high-quality window tint on your car is the best way to make your commute more comfortable while also keeping your car safer in the long run. Keep these things in mind and take your time when you start your search.

This way, you’ll be able to choose the best film for your car and your budget without compromising on quality.

Once the tint is in place, you’ll still want to find ways to keep your car looking great. Check out our latest posts for more tips to make maintaining and improving your car’s appearance as simple as possible.