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7 Signs You Need an AC Repair Service for Your Car

The ozone layer is 10 to 30 miles above the earth’s surface protecting us against ultraviolet light. Car air-conditioning systems used to use ozone-depleting chemicals but then removed these only to introduce damaging greenhouse gases.

Now, climate-friendly alternatives, fitted on new cars and retrofitted in older cars by trained professionals are the way ahead for the in-car and global environment.

Part of having a safe and reliable AC in your car is knowing when it needs to be fixed. What are the signs that you need a car AC repair? Read on to learn when you need to contact an AC repair service.

1. Not Cold Anymore

It’s a warm day and you get into your car looking forward to some relief from the heat. Thank goodness for air-conditioning. Unfortunately, today you don’t get the cool refreshing breeze that you expect from your car AC.

Air-conditioning is great for keeping cars cool and you soon feel the difference when it doesn’t work. Overheating is bad for your health and your driving safety. If you stop getting that refreshing breeze that’s a sure sign that you need an AC repair.

It could be a damaged compressor, a fault in the blower motor, or even a problem with the evaporator. A check may reveal that it’s a blown fuse.

So, car AC not cold? Get in touch with a professional AC repairer for a diagnosis and fix.

2. Low Flow

As well as cooling air, your car AC should blow the cold air into your car. The flow of air is essential to push out the warm air as well as replacing it with cold air. A low flow level is a fault that needs repair.

The causes of low flow are easily diagnosed by a professional. It might be a disconnected hose or a broken fan. More seriously, there could be a blockage caused by an accumulation of debris or mold.

A simple inspection will reveal the cause. A quick repair and you can look forward to the cool breeze being restored.

3. Oh Dear Odor

Strange smells coming from the air-conditioning are a sure sign of a problem. If the smell is of smoke or burning material it could be that components in your air-conditioning system are overheating. Melting or burning wires can fill your car with an acrid smell.

The cause of the overheating has to be identified and resolved before you’ll have a solution to the odor.

Other smells can be caused by dirty air filters. Mold growth in the filter can produce an unpleasant odor. Unless a filter is replaced regularly the dirt that it is designed to trap becomes an ideal breeding ground for germs and mold.

Mold can also form in other parts of the air-conditioning unit. The air vent can attract mold growth as can the evaporator.

Regular maintenance should include a filter change and cleaning of all parts of the system. This keeps the air coming into the cabin space fresh and clean. Importantly, it also protects allergy sufferers from the harmful effects of mold.

 4. No Ice Please

It’s strange to think that ice might be a problem for an air-conditioning unit, but it is. Even in the warmest of climates, a malfunction can cause ice to form.

Even though a car air conditioner is designed to cool your car, the last thing you want is to have ice form on the compressor. This can happen if there is excess water being produced by the AC unit. Ice can form on the compressor and stop it from working properly.

5. More Moisture

Excess water is a sign that there’s a fault with your auto AC. Moisture could form anywhere in and around the system. Look out for condensation on the dashboard or water on your car floor.

There could be a leak or a blocked pipe resulting in poor drainage. Water may indicate a problem but it’s also a warning to do something immediately. If you don’t you might have secondary damage.

Secondary damage caused by moisture or water includes rotting of upholstery, rust, and mold growth. These are all good reasons to resolve the cause as soon as possible.

6. Rattles and Bumps

It’s possible that you will hear a problem with your air-conditioning before you notice a change in temperature or airflow. A rattle or knock suggests that there is some loose material in the air-conditioning system.

The problem could be a faulty fan or a stray object in the system. Both of these issues should be investigated. They can quickly result in more serious auto AC damage which might also be costly.

More serious noise-related problems could be a result of wear and tear in the compressor. It needs fixing urgently before there is further damage.

7. Blowing Hot Air

If the air-conditioning system starts off cool and then becomes warm you should have the system checked. If it blows hot air as soon as you switch it on, then you should also have it checked by a professional.

The cause could be a blocked valve or a shortage of refrigerant. Using environmentally friendly refrigerants is something responsible auto air-conditioning experts will be able to advise you on. Both of the issues need attention.

Contact an AC Repair Service

Keeping cars cool is what air-conditioning repair companies do. If your auto AC is not performing well, have it checked by a professional AC repair service. You’ll feel the difference.

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