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6 Profitable Advantages of Fleet Fueling Services for Your Business

The United States consumed close to 9.31 million barrels of gasoline per day in 2019. This consumption translates to close to 142.71 billion gallons of gasoline per year. Businesses that have a fleet of commercial vehicles consume the lion’s share of this gasoline every day. 

If you manage a fleet of cars, ensuring that your vehicles have adequate fuel at all times is an integral part of your business. However, it can become a daunting task when you try to refuel each vehicle. Luckily, fleet fueling services can help you manage your cars better and keep them fueled on-the-go.   

Does your business own a fleet of vehicles, and you wonder how you can keep their fuel tank levels up at your convenience? Fleet fueling is your solution. Here, we present to you the main benefits of fuel delivery. 

What Is Fleet Fueling?  

Before we delve into fuel delivery benefits, let’s consider a layman understanding of fleet fueling.

Fleet fueling refers to a scenario where instead of sending your drivers to a physical fuel station, a bulk fuel company delivers to you. The bulk fuel dealers only need confirmation before sending a refilling tanker right to your premises.  

Most businesses that own fleets of cars don’t know that this option exists. Now that you understand what fleet fueling services are all about, let’s look at the benefits you can derive from this option.  

1. Saves Time

Whether you are in the construction, distribution, or service sector, fueling your fleets daily can eat up a chunk of your valuable time. It’s worse when the fuel station nearest to you is a few miles away. The time taken to get to the fueling station and the additional waiting time to get the fleets fueled may cost you valuable time and money in the long-run.

When they say time is money, that’s precisely what fleet fueling is all about. The idle time spent in between fueling your fleet might shock you if quantified—something that most fleet managers tend to overlook. Once you eliminate the time wasted trying to fuel your fleet, you’ll create more opportunities for your fleets and drivers to improve your mark-ups. 

2. Improved Productivity

Every business owner wonders which strategies to use to help increase productivity. However, sometimes it’s the simple things such as saving time when fueling that matter. When your employees are out fueling the fleets, they aren’t adding value to your business. 

If you have been depending on driving all your fleets to a physical gas station, then you could be wasting much of your productive time. With efficient and easy scheduling for fuel delivery at your location, you can improve your productivity. Fleet fuel services enable your staff to focus on their core roles in your company while minimizing the time wasted between shifts.

3. Better Planning 

Even the keenest drivers have those instances where the fuel light comes as a shocker. If you own a fleet of vehicles, a recurrence of such cases is both inconvenient and frustrating. You might end up delaying critical deadlines and risk losing clients because of the last-minute rush to try to refuel your fleets.

Fleet fuel delivery allows you to plan your fueling schedules. This way, you have a clear budget of when to fuel and how much money to spend. The approach will enable you to be proactive as opposed to being reactive when managing your fleet.  

4. Security 

Fleet fueling services introduce a feeling of unmatched security for your company. When your fueling schedules lack structure, you might be in trouble in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If your fleet is your business’s lifeline, then even a minute wasted due to unexpected situations can be detrimental.

When you work with fleet fueling companies, you have the security that you’ll never have to deal with emergencies.

You don’t have to worry about arriving at the pump only to find a depleted reserve. You also don’t need to worry about situations that may delay the delivery of services or the distribution of goods. 

When operating a business, such reassurances are essential. You don’t have to keep worrying about things that may go wrong if your drivers encounter challenges at the pump. Business owners should consider engaging with fleet fuel delivery companies that guarantee them an on-location supply of gas. 

5. Automation

How much easier can life get in this age of technology? With fuel delivery services, you don’t need to call a fuel delivery company to order a refill. The systems now allow for automatic updates in case the fuel levels fall below the stated average.

The emergence of advanced fuel technology means that fuel delivery operators have ways of keeping track of your fuel needs. 

You don’t have to worry about the sudden depletion of fuel with the introduction of automation. The equipment keeps track of your fleet’s consumption and makes the necessary readjustments if the levels deplete below specific standards.

6. Guaranteed Supply  

Did you know that in the year 1973 and 1979, American drivers faced historic around-the-block lines at the pump following days on end of gas shortages in the country? The situation caused losses and anxiety as businesses felt the impact of a low gas supply. While such occurrences are rare, nothing prevents them from recurring. 

If you want to be on the safe side in case of gas shortages, enrolling with fleet fueling companies can help protect you from being a victim and losing money. When you have a gas supplier as a partner, you have the guarantee of constant supply. 

Consider Fleet Fueling Services Today

When running a business, efficiency, security, and cost-savings are at the top of your agenda. However, certain business operations may become a constant hindrance to achieving these objectives. Managing your fleet of vehicles and ensuring they have sufficient fuel at all times is among the integral business operations that may cause a headache.

Without a clear plan for fueling your vehicles, you might end up at a crossroads. Fleet fueling services can help you ensure better service delivery by keeping your cars ready and running at all times. If you have been wondering if mobile fueling is worth it, then these six benefits of fleet fueling should be convincing enough. 

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