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Vauxhall 2021 Lineup: What’s New?

Are you in the market for a new car? With the EV market getting busier every season, it’s an exciting time for consumers as more and more options become available.

Vauxhall has big plans for 2021, with a number of exciting new vehicles on the horizon. Whether you’re looking for a traditional petrol/diesel car, a plug-in hybrid, or a fully electric vehicle, there is a Vauxhall to meet your needs in 2021.

Let’s take a look at some of next year’s models to whet your appetite.

Vauxhall 2021 Lineup

With prices starting to look more reasonable on electric vehicles, now might be the right time to look at getting an EV. This is even more tempting when you consider the government grants still available in the U.K.

Vauxhall has several electric cars on offer, so there should be something for everyone. That being said, there are still fantastic offers available on both plug-in hybrid cars and petrol/diesel cars.


Vauxhall has high hopes for 2021 and the Corsa-e. Since 1993, the Corsa has been one of Europe’s top-selling cars, and the company looks like they have no plans for this to change. 

It has been a difficult start since the Corsa-e’s launch in 2020 thanks to COVID-19, but Vauxhall boss Steve Norman believes that it will be the best selling EV in 2021. The signs already seem positive, with the Corsa-e scooping The Sun 2020 Car of the Year award.

The Corsa-e has an impressive 209-mile range and gets from 0-60mph in 7.6 seconds, which is faster than many of its competitors in the small EV range.

All-New Mokka

Alongside the petrol and diesel options, there will be an all-electric option for the first time. The crossover has proven to be a hugely successful addition to the Vauxhall range since its debut in 2012. 

The new Mokka has had a major style upgrade, in line with Vauxhall’s other releases. With the new “Vauxhall Vizor” front grille, the car makes a real statement and should attract both style-conscious and practicality focused drivers.

All-New Vivaro

If it’s a van you’re looking for, Vauxhall has you covered. For those looking for a zero-emissions option, the Vivaro-e is a fantastic all-rounder. With a cost of just 2.1p per mile, it’s an attractive prospect, albeit one with a higher initial outlay than the traditional models.

For those still looking for a lower initial cost and a great proven track record as a reliable van, the diesel Vivaro still has a class-leading economy. Check out more new info on Vauxhall elite lease deals if this sounds like a winning combo for you.

New Crossland

The Vauxhall Crossland is the Mokka’s baby brother, and the 2021 model has adopted the same “Vauxhall Vizor” makeover. This small crossover looks more aggressive than its predecessor, and while there is no electric option available, one can imagine that plans will be in the pipeline. 

There are, however, many engine options available, from the modest 1.2 petrol engine to a punchy 1.5 diesel.

A Vauxhall for Everyone

With so many options available, Vauxhall is really sending a message to their competitors in 2021. From the small and stylish Corsa to the practical all-rounder Vivaro, you are sure to find something to suit you.

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