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5 Essential Parking Tips for Beginning Drivers

Tens of thousands of accidents happen in parking lots every year. Whether it’s barely scratching the car next to you or striking a pedestrian, parking lots are a breeding ground for dangerous vehicular incidents. 

While new drivers only make up a small percentage of drivers in the United States, it’s crucial to learn how to park before you get behind the wheel. With so much new information, parking may be the last thing on your mind as a new driver. 

If you’re a new driver that needs a little help with parking, keep reading. Here are five parking tips everyone should know before they hit the road.

1. Keep Your Distance

One of the best how to park tips is sort of a preventative measure. When you’re new to parking, it’s wise to park away from other vehicles. 

While parking far away from the store can be inconvenient, it’s the best way to get practice in a parking lot. This way, you’ll learn to park between the lines without the added risk of hitting the car beside you. 

When you feel like you’re ready, start parking next to just one other car. After that feels natural, you can begin parking between cars in the parking lot.

2. Drive Slow, Turn Quickly

The best safe parking tips are to drive slow but turn your wheel quickly. Moving slowly gives you more control over your vehicle. 

The quicker you turn your wheel, the easier it is to position your car into the parking space. This is also one of the best parallel parking tips, as this approach really helps when you’re backing into a spot on the street. 

3. Do Some Research

The best way to feel comfortable with something is to get familiar with it. Do some research on where you’ll need to park so you can feel familiar with the area around you. 

For instance, if you were parking near Newark Airport, you could visit and get familiar with their parking lot. Viewing a satellite perspective of the lot you’ll be parking in is one of the best where to park tips, as you can get a good idea of where you’ll be driving and parking.

4. Keep Your Head on a Swivel

One of the most important reverse parking tips is to always be looking both ways as you back out of a parking space. You should be looking left and right until your car is backed out.

You never know if the car parked behind you will start to back out. You also need to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

5. Never Make Assumptions

Don’t ever assume that there’s nothing behind your car. Even in an empty lot, someone could be walking or driving by. 

Don’t assume that the cars behind you will slow down or stop for you. Other drivers can be unpredictable or reckless. 

Drive on With These Parking Tips

Now you know the top five parking tips for new drivers. It’s time to hit the road and put these tips into practice. 

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