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Cool Car Mods: 6 Stunning Exterior Enhancements for Your Ride

Are you looking for different ways to make your car stand out from the rest? Do you want to separate it from everyone else that bought the same make and model as you? If so, then you need to research some cool car mods to upgrade it.

Doing so can make other people do a double-take whenever you drive by. With only an exterior car modification or two, you’ll be the talk of the town. It can be a great way to catch people’s eyes, promote your company’s brand, or both.

See below for several awesome car upgrades that you can get on your car to make it look way better than everyone else’s.

1. Wrap Job

Maybe you’re looking for a way to expose your brand. Perhaps you want to have a traveling piece of advertising whenever and wherever you drive your car around town.

If that’s the case, then you can go wrong with wrapping the exterior of your vehicle. You can display virtually any image with your company’s logo.

This means you can put high-quality photos of yourself, beautiful typography, and all the essential information around your car. Putting things like your office number, email, and social media accounts will generate more attention to your company.

Vehicle wraps are a great way to build brand recall within the clients in your town.

2. Tinted Windows

Not only do they look cool, but tinted windows also offer a plethora of different benefits for your car.

First of all, they protect the condition of your interior by lessening the amount of harmful UV rays that fade the color of your car’s inside material. This UV ray reduction also helps control the temperature inside your car, preventing it from ever getting unbearably hot.

Tinted windows can also provide more protection for you and your passengers in the event of a crash. Tinted windows are specifically designed to reduce the amount of shattered glass, protecting your kids and pets at the time that you need it most.

It also provides protection for yourselves and your belongings. Since thieves can’t see into your car, they can’t see the possesions inside and, therefore, are less likely to break into it.

The laws of tinted windows vary by state, but generally, you’re not allowed to have a window that reflects more than 20-percent of light.

3. LED Headlights

Are you tired of your headlights not covering much ground while you drive? Perhaps you want the headlights to have a better aesthetic when you drive in the dark.

Whatever your reasoning, there are many different benefits to switching out your standard headlights for LED light bulbs.

Unlike the typical halogen bulbs, LED headlights require less energy to be used, thus lengthening the life of your car’s battery. Halogen bulbs only use about one-fifth of the energy and heat that they generate. LED bulbs use almost 80-percent of the energy.

They also cover more distance and have a longer lifespan. Not to mention that the white lights of the LED headlights give your car’s exterior a more modern image. By merely switching out for LED light bulbs, you’ll look like you purchased your car’s top trim level.

4. Wind Deflectors

Not only can wind deflectors enhance the look of your car’s exterior, but they also enhance the efficiency of your car by creating less drag while you drive.

These are also known as rain guards because they allow you to crack your windows while it rains without any water leaking into the car.

They’re super cheap to purchase and can be turned into a quick DIY project by even the least knowledgeable of drivers. If you’d rather have them put on by a professional, the labor won’t cost much, if anything at all.

Be sure to shop around for wind deflectors that were made to fit your car’s body type. That way, you can ensure a snug fit, perfect aesthetic, and optimal aerodynamics while your car is cruising down the highway.

5. New Grill

Are you tired of the standard grill that your car came with? Do you cringe at the sight of the front of your car because of the cheap-looking grill that it came with?

Believe it or not, there are custom grill options for almost any car make and model. All you have to do is search the web for a design that you like. You can also have your trusted auto shop help you with this in order to get access to better brands.

No matter which route you take, the auto shop will be happy to help you install it for a small price.

6. Tire Covers

If you have a Jeep Wrangler, then this car exterior tip is made especially for you. Tire covers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can get a custom tire cover to fit with the theme of your Wrangler’s custom-design or shop around online for one that you like.

These can contain funny messages, cool images, interesting designs, and so much more. It is another way to express yourself through the exterior of your car.

Use These Cool Car Mods for Your Vehicle

Now that you have seen several cool car mods for your vehicle, it’s time to use them to your benefit.

Be sure to consider what awesome car modifications can help you achieve the prime aesthetic for your car’s exterior.

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