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4 Forklift Accidents That Can Land Your Business In Serious Trouble (And How to Avoid Them)

Forklifts are powerful pieces of equipment that are useful in all kinds of work applications. In fact, if you work in a factory, a warehouse, or some other sector of the industry that requires heavy lifting, you’re practically guaranteed to use one.

That being said, forklifts are capable of causing some serious harm to your employees—harm that could even turn into a fatal accident. It’s obvious that you want to do everything in your power to keep these injuries to a minimum.

The best way to prevent forklift accidents in the workplace is to make sure you’re well-informed about the common accidents and how to avoid them. This article touches on a few that you will want to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Forklift Accidents Happen During Speeding

Perhaps the biggest reason why a forklift accident occurs is due to speeding. It’s a common human behavior that people love to speed in their vehicles, and the forklift is no exception. Just like with driving on the road, speeding can lead to serious accidents.

Make sure your driver knows how to use good judgment when it comes to the speed of the forklift. It should always be kept at low speeds when operated, and even lower when it has a load.

2. Accidents Happen When the Load Is Raised Too High

Another common accident occurs when the load on the forklift is raised too high above the forklift itself. In fact, these incidents tend to result in some of the worst forklift accidents in any company or warehouse setting.

To reduce the chance of this happening to a minimum, your driver needs to make sure they never take on a heavy load and that they avoid bringing the load up higher than the forklift itself.

3. Forklift Malfunctions From Bad Parts

Forklift malfunctions are particularly tragic for two reasons: not only are they very unpredictable and can happen without warning, but they are perhaps the most preventable accident on the list.

Forklift malfunctions happen due to old or faulty parts. That being the case, you most likely won’t see the problem until it’s too late—unless, of course, you take preemptive action and go to a forklift repair service to find and fix any hidden problems.

Make sure to take periodical maintenance checks to keep your forklift running in top form.

4. Insufficient Road Signs Can Also Contribute to Accidents

We have signs on the roads for a reason, and the same should go for forklift drivers. If the drivers don’t know the speeds and cautions they should take in the area, they run the risk of causing an accident.

Make sure to place the speed limits, the traffic direction, and other helpful signs so the driver knows what rules to follow while they operate.

Stay Safe With Your Forklift

Now that you know about some of the common forklift accidents and how to prevent them, you’ll be able to better protect your employees, and by extent, your business. Make sure to keep up to date with anything else motor-related that you need to know.

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