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The Dangers of Not Fixing a Cracked Windshield: Do It Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’ve ever had to replace a windshield, you probably already know millions of windshields are replaced every year. The initial damage is usually no fault of the vehicle’s owner.

Too often people make the mistake of thinking it’s not a big deal so they overlook the issue. This may be the result of insurance not covering the repair or not having the time to tend to the matter.

Fixing a cracked windshield is far less expensive than having to replace the entire glass. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of ignoring a cracked windshield.

Fixing a Cracked Windshield Doesn’t Always Require a Lot of Time

We all cringe when something hits our windshield. The purpose of the glass is to protect passengers from wind and flying debris. Without windshields, it would be nearly impossible to drive a motor vehicle safely.

Unlike repairing dents and dings to the body of a car, fixing a crack in a windshield on an older car doesn’t require taking the car to an autobody shop. Instead, the repairman comes to you. The damage is typically fixed in about thirty minutes or less.

This has changed in newer vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems. This makes it even more important to have the repair done as quickly as possible. Although it may take a little more time, you’ll still be serviced in a few hours.

The Windshield is Compromised and Can Shatter

Putting off a windshield repair is not a good idea because the crack can grow and make the glass unstable. If an object hits the same spot, it can cause the glass to shatter. This could lead to a major catastrophe.

With today’s auto glass chip repair technology a windshield can be repaired with no residual of the damage. Not only will no one know there was ever a crack, but the spot of the crack is reinforced to prevent the crack from growing.

Cracked Windshields Can Impact Your Vision

When the windshield damage starts to spread, the cracks can impair your vision. From the point of impact, tiny slits form in numerous directions. Even if the damage is on the passenger side, a crack can stretch to the driver’s side.

The risk of this happening simply isn’t worth it. In most cases, policyholders with comprehensive coverage can have their windshields replaced at no out-of-pocket costs.

It’s Against the Law to Drive with a Cracked Windshield

If the above reasons didn’t capture your attention, this one should. It is a violation of motor vehicle safety laws to drive with a cracked windshield.

Avoid paying a fine, or worse, being told the car can’t be driven until the repair is made.

Don’t Put Off Getting Your Windshield Replaced

Windshields provide protection to drivers and their passengers. Putting off fixing a cracked windshield place all passengers in danger. Don’t incur additional expenses by delaying the repair.

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