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No Fault Zone: How to Get Paid After a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

Every year in the United States, there are about six million vehicular accidents.

Every time you hit the road, there’s a chance you’ll get involved in an accident. Even if you’re a defensive driver who follows all traffic rules, another reckless driver can ram into you.

This is why you need to know how to get paid after a car accident that wasn’t your fault. After all, you shouldn’t have to suffer because of somebody’s mistakes or recklessness.

Continue reading to learn the steps you should take following the accident.

Get Treatment

When a car crash happens and you’re certain another driver was at fault, you might be tempted to gather as much evidence as you can on the scene. The other driver isn’t going to admit liability easily, so it’s understandable why you might focus on collecting evidence.

However, the first thing you should do after a car accident is to seek treatment. Even when there are no physical injuries, it’s still important to visit a car accident doctor. Some injuries don’t manifest any immediate symptoms, but the damage will keep getting worse in your body.

What’s more, the at-fault party might have to pay for your medical expenses. A doctor will document your injuries, which you can use as evidence in a court of law. If you don’t get treatment, the driver and their legal team can have grounds to challenge whether you indeed sustained the injuries during the accident.

Understand Your State’s Laws

Whether an at-fault driver will be liable for your injuries entirely depends on your state’s laws, or the laws of the state in which the accident accorded.

If you live in a no-fault state, you won’t have any legal right to sue the driver who caused the accident. Your provider of personal injury protection insurance will compensate you for injuries and losses.

But if you live in an at-fault, you’re at liberty to hold the at-fault driver liable for your injuries and losses.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Whether you’re in a no-fault or at-fault state, it’s important to hire an auto accident attorney.

This professional will help you understand the applicable laws and advise you on the next cause of action. If you’re supposed to collect compensation from an insurance company, the lawyer will file a compensation claim and represent you in the settlement negotiations.

If you have to sue the at-fault driver, your lawyer will handle the case all the way until you’re paid justly.

Know How to Get Paid After a Car Accident

Auto accidents are part of our lives as drivers. While an accident can have devastating consequences, there are laws that protect you from financial losses, especially if another party is liable for the accident. With this guide, you now know how to get paid after a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

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