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How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows? The Average Prices

Would you like more privacy when you drive? Are you looking to keep your treasured car a bit cooler? Would you like your interior to stay in better shape and last longer?

Window tinting may be for you. In the past, tinted windows were considered a luxury. Today, however, many folks find them to be affordable protection for their health and safety.

How much does it cost to tint car windows? Are they an investment worth considering?

Let’s take a look.

1. Why Tinted Windows?

Individuals may choose to tint their windows for privacy. When you are driving, you won’t have to worry about someone peering inside at your passengers. And when you park, no one will be able to view the valuables inside.

Tinted windows can also block the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, and even eye problems. If you drive for extended periods of time each day, tinted windows can actually save your life.

Shielding your car from UV rays can also protect your interior from damage. This can improve the value of your vehicle as there will be less faded dashboards and cracks in vinyl and leather, as well as less discoloring.

If you live in an area where the climate is hot, you know what it’s like to get into a stuffy car with scorching seats. Tinted windows can reduce the heat in your vehicle significantly.

Tinted windows can also help prevent the glass from shattering during an accident. The laminate can also keep edges duller, so you will be less likely to get cut by sharp pieces if the glass does break.

Because tinted glass is more difficult to break, thieves will find it more challenging to break into your car. The peace of mind is a worthwhile investment.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

It is possible to purchase affordable DIY tinting kits. This could save you money, but not if you lack experience and patience. 

Window film can be difficult to work with. You may end up with crinkles or creases, and the film may not be so easy to remove. Amateurs could also end up scratching the paint or cracking the glass.

Professional auto window tinting services are generally preferable. Experienced window-tinters can provide you with quality, long-lasting tint.

Professional companies will also be familiar with the regulations in your area. They can help make sure your tint is not so dark as to be illegal, which can lead to fines and even impounding.

The cost depends upon the size of your car, as well as your location within the country. You may, for example, pay as little as $50 per window, or between $99 and $400 a car. A high-performance tint that is metallic and colored could cost up to $800 on a larger vehicle.

3. What Is Involved in the Window-Tinting Process?

In some cases, a tint mixture can be added to the glass when your car is getting manufactured. This usually gets done in the dealership. While this option is costly, it uses a lighter tint that is designed to pass even very stringent state regulations.

After your car has been purchased, however, window film tint is your best option. The glass will be treated before the film gets applied.

Professional window-tinters can treat and apply the film carefully to prevent bubbles from forming. They generally need to get re-treated every five years to prevent cracking.

4. How Do I Care for Tinted Windows?

You will need to use a little extra TLC when caring for tinted windows. Avoid cleaning your car windows right after they get professionally tinted, as they will need up to thirty days to cure, depending upon the climate in your area. You should also avoid rolling down your car windows for at least a week after installation.

Avoid ammonia and other harsh chemicals, and look for a cleaner that says it is safe for window film. Park your car in a shady spot and gently wipe down windows with your safe cleanser and a squeegee or soft cloth. 

5. What Should I Look For in a Window Tinter?

Ask for recommendations before you get your car windows tinted. Remember that you are making an investment, and you want the job done right.

If no one you know has had their windows tinted recently, call up local companies and ask for at least three references you can speak to.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Were the prices clear from the beginning? Was the job done professionally, and did the tint last?

Your company should also demonstrate knowledge of the tinting regulations in your area. Ask them about them.

Established tinting companies should also offer a variety of tinting options. They may, for example, have commercial window tinting, professional window tinting, and auto tinting available. Your company should be able to customize their service depending upon your needs.

The right window-tinting company will be professional in responding promptly to phone calls and emails. They should be able to answer your questions thoroughly and responsibly.

Remember that you should always be treated as a valued customer. The right company will assure you that your car is in good hands.

Get Tintin’

How much does it cost to tint car windows? It may be more affordable than you think. And the right tint can keep you healthier, cooler, and happier in no time.

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