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The Common Uses of Diesel Fuel: What You Need to Know

Despite the emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles, the diesel fuel industry is still on the rise. Over the next five years, the market size is forecasted to grow by over $90 million in the United States.

Diesel fuel is popular because it is more efficient than gasoline. Diesel engines have a greater fuel economy than engines powered by gasoline. It also is easier to produce and requires less refining steps than gasoline.

For these reasons, diesel is a popular alternative to gasoline. Read on to learn about the many uses of diesel fuel.

Vehicle Fuel

One of the most common uses of this fuel type is to power diesel engines. Diesel fuel is actually more environmentally friendly than gasoline. As mentioned earlier, it has higher fuel efficiency.

In addition, it produces fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. From a safety perspective, diesel is not as likely to cause a fire as gasoline.

You may be wondering what vehicles run on a diesel engine. In general, public transportation and school buses operate on diesel engines. In addition, most commercial vehicles use diesel, as well as some larger pickup trucks and SUVs.

Power Generation

When the electricity goes out, diesel fuel keeps the lights on. Diesel fuel is used with power generators. This service is vital for business operations and medical care. Large businesses use three-phase power generators that can serve as a primary power source.

In addition to commercial usage, power generators are growing more popular for residential use. Homeowners are purchasing small power generators to keep their refrigerators running in the event of a significant weather event.

Heavy Equipment

Like pickup trucks and commercial vehicles, heavy equipment also runs on diesel. According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), the vast majority of the farm industry uses diesel. This fuel type powers the heavy equipment that is critical to farm production.

Diesel is used in many other industries that rely on heavy machinery. A perfect example is the construction industry.

The fact is that diesel fuel provides more energy than an equal amount of gasoline. For this reason, it is a better fuel for backhoes and cranes.

Military Use

The military also uses a large amount of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel powers military vehicles like tanks and tow tractors.

The military likes diesel fuel because it is safer than gasoline. It is less flammable and likely to explode on the field of battle.

Diesel fueled engines also do not stall as often as gasoline-powered engines. This means it is a more reliable option for American troops.

A Recap of Common Uses of Diesel Fuel

There are so many benefits to using diesel fuel. It is safer, produces fewer carbon emissions, and is more efficient.

For these reasons, commercial industries and the military use diesel fuel extensively. Diesel fuel is also used for power generators.

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